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Freyja NicLeòid (born: March 4, 1987 (1987-03-04) [age 33]), better known online as It's Black Friday, is the world's foremost Goth vlogger. Offering fashion and beauty advice as well as vlogs, DIYs, band interviews, and more, she has become a positive role model for younger alternative people, and an icon of the international gothic subculture. She brings out new videos at least twice every week.  She gives the world a window into the gothic subculture and encourages others to express themselves.


Freyja was born and grew up in Dunedin, New Zealand, where she worked for several years delivering pizza. She has spent time in other parts of the world, primarily Edinburgh, Scotland, where she worked for a local ghost tour company. Her appearance and approachable personality were of constant interest to the media and tourists alike. She turned down the opportunity to appear in numerous British and European television shows but features briefly in an episode of Ghosthunting with Boyzone and Louis Walsh

She moved to Wellington in 2012 where she gained a certificate in Film and Television Production and completed a Masterclass in Screenwriting. There she worked on occasion as Production Designer or Art Director for small film projects.

In 2015 she moved to Germany to be in the heart of Europe and experience as much of alternative culture as possible.Black Friday is currently founding Grand Grimoire Films, a production company for creating music videos and short films. She currently resides in Leipzig, Germany.

Personal life

In April of 2016, Black Friday married her German partner Matthias, with whom she appeared in the documentary Mein Leben in Schwarz (My Life in Black). In November of 2017, the couple mutually separated. In February of 2018 in New Zealand, she reunited with her erstwhile fiancé, a man known to the world as Barnaby Dromgool (Mr. Owl). The couple is engaged once more.....

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