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ItsJerian has more than One Million Subscribers
ItsJerian plays video games
ItsJerian makes Educational Videos
ItsJerian is a Commentator
ItsJerian is from the United States
ItsJerian is male
ItsJerian created their account in 2018
ItsJerian is a Content Creator on YouTube

ItsJerian, also known as Jerian or JerianGrant, is an American YouTuber who educates viewers on how to be a better Fortnite: Battle Royale player and also plays with his friends Flipstorm, Mason, and Kazhaky. Alongside that, he does like to talk about a certain topic that has been trending. His most notable educational video is about Stretched Resolution. Jerian is also notable for creating games for amateur viewers to practice aiming/building in Fortnite's "Creative" mode.


Though Jerian created his YouTube channel in June 2018, he started his channel making montages, other livestreamers reacting to being eliminated by Jerian, and short clips. But as he started to create educational videos, his channel was on the rise. Jerian then consistently made educational videos and occasional commentary videos alongside his rise on YouTube. He has gained over 1 million subscribers, and mainly makes videos about trying different gear, interacting with pros, and educational fortnite videos.


  • Though Jerian is a content creator, he is also a professional Fortnite player.
  • He is currently a college student.
  • He runs a popular Discord Server "Turtle Gang" which was rising before his rapid success on YouTube.
  • He is well known for his love of Piece Control, and a lot of Piece Control memes revolve around him.