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Owen Clough (born: November 8, 2002 (2002-11-08) [age 17]), better known online as ItsOwen, is an English YouTuber who does Fortnite related videos, Top 5, Top 10, Fortnite YouTubers, Skins, etc. and talks about his future predictions for the seasons coming to Fortnite. He is based in York.


Self Promotion & Shout-Out Sunday

Owen has been heavily criticized for self-promotion in the comment sections of small YouTuber's videos. He occasionally does this to gain subscribers and active video viewers. He promoted a series, Shout Out Sunday, which is a series where you shout out channels and would proceed to give them subscribers. Owen promoted that series so the winners can get more subscribers, and Owen getting subscribers himself. Many people has been criticizing him for scamming the series, meaning nobody will actually win the series. Owen has shouted out very small channels. So it's unsure if the scamming is true, but the unlegitimacy of growing a channel is correct. He also did 'Super Shout Out Sunday', which is a group of people that would shout out the same people to give the winners a lot more subscribers. He did them with ItzJacob, Itz Karm, JoshGuy, and a few others.

Livestream Giveaways

Owen was featured in a livestream giveaway 'scam' that was hosted by SimplyWills. Owen was friends with SimplyWills along with other people that were added into the giveaway. Owen gained thousands of subscribers in a few days thanks to the streams, and has been heavily criticized since, because the livestream giveaways are considered "scams" because nobody actually wins the giveaways. Multiple other YouTubers exposed him for being in the livestream scams purposely, such as BlackWolfCompany, TBR, ItsBrey, Itz Karm, and Wilz. A big YouTuber Keemstar did Tweet about the stream and it did feature a stream Owen was a part of.


Owen's old channel was terminated back in January, 2018. He had over 60,000+ subscribers. People say it was due to Shout Out Sunday scams, self promotion spam, and misleading videos.

New channel

Owen created a new channel, which would, and now is related to Fortnite, Owen created that channel just a few days after losing his main Owen account. He has claimed that his Dad owns the account, but people say he and his Dad live together (and his Mum) due to him still being under 18 years old. As of now, his channel isn't terminated yet, and usually is the next day being created to other terminated people.

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