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Justin Rent, better known online as J. Rent, is a Canadian YouTuber who produces music.


His videos are all about music tutorials, rap songs and hip-hop, even for a type of beat to a specific artist. Moreover, he also produces lo-fi and trap beats/instrumentals in all sorts of types, using FL Studio.


J. Rent launched his YouTube account on August 3, 2009 and uploaded his first (now deleted) video, which was a collab song with Mac Lethal. This song was later featured on Mac Lethal's Special Reserve Vol. 9 compilation album. The earliest video now featured on his channel is a freestyle rap from a Halloween party, uploaded on November 3, 2011. He transitioned from rapping to producing beats in 2015 and uploaded his first tutorial video in January of 2018. 


  • His profile picture indicates a more cartoonish version of himself, while in the thumbnails, the character looks a bit more realistic.
  • He's a chemist and has worked at a pharmaceutical company, that's why his avatar wears a lab coat.
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