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Bamidele O. Shangobunmi, better known online as JANGBRiCKS or simply JANG (an acronym for Just A Nice Guy), is an American YouTuber from San Francisco. His very first channel, theJANG, was created on April 8, 2006. He primarily uploads knife reviews to the channel, and he also periodically uploads gameplay videos.

His most popular channel, JANGBRiCKS, was created on June 25, 2010. On this channel, he uploads LEGO set reviews, custom builds, and updates to his LEGO city. He has numerous other channels, named JANG Builds It!, Pure Builds, QUiCKBRiCKS, JANGmobil, and GNAJBRicKS.[2]


JANG has created his own LEGO city, which is primarily designed by himself. Most of the cars and buildings were made by him, he also makes his own custom people. In his LEGO city, he has an apartment, an ice cream shop/bike shop/arcade building, an octan factory, a port with cranes containing port workers and four cargo ships, and a train yard with several trains.

In his train yard, he has a train depot for two trains, five lanes for trains to stay, and he has multiple rolling stock, either on trains or sitting. He has two loops, three if you count his monorail, one for passenger trains and the other for cargo. His cargo track is old LEGO 9 volt tracks and his passenger track is also 9 volt.

JANG once had a much smaller city in around 2013, but then moved to his current house in 2014 and restarted the LEGO city, however, where he still kept many of the old buildings, including a port building some trains.



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