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JUST A ROBOT is an American YouTuber who is well known for his commentaries on political and social issues. He is often represented by his robot character which he mainly uses in his videos.


Original Account

JUST A ROBOT started his first YouTube channel on July 26, 2013. He often did videos surrounding various dramas occurring on YouTube including the controversy surrounding reaction channels like Jinx for example.

Current Account

After his first account got hacked in 2018, JUST A ROBOT continued doing commentaries and talking about other events happening on YouTube. He also started during anime theories as well. JUST A Robot later surpassed his old account and decided to stop doing political videos in favour of other content. His current account has over 100k subscribers.

Debunking Reaction Videos series

Just a Robot used to do videos on debunking arguments that reaction videos made. He has debunked Tyrone Magnus' argument against GradeAUnderA, Jinx against Jacksfilms, Rashad the Reactor against IHE, BlastphamousHD TV against PSI syndicate, and TMossBoss, which he has had a beef with for a few years now. Eventually, Just a Robot got sick of doing these kind of videos, and decided to end them with the exception of TMossBoss.


Feud with TMossBoss

One of the things Just a Robot is known for is his ongoing drama with Tmossboss, that originates from Just a Robot debunking TMossBoss' points on defending reactors. Based on the statistics of the dislikes vs. likes, it is evident a lot more people are on Just a Robot's side than TMossBoss' side. Just a Robot tried to help TmossBoss at one point, but TMossBoss misunderstood, and thought he'd be backstabbed if he got help from Just a Robot. Just a Robot currently has made 8 videos on TMossBoss, with each one getting angrier at TMossboss than the last. Though it has been since announced that he's done with TMossBoss' videos when he got ten times the amount of subs TMossBoss had, and decided to move on to other YouTubers, and now mostly talking about video games. TMossBoss has talked about how Just a Robot is fake, but Just a Robot so far has just ignored it.

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