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Jack Carl Dean (born: March 7, 1993 (1993-03-07) [age 31]), better known online as JaackMaate, is an English commentary YouTuber.

Personal life[]

JaackMaate was born on 7 March 1993 in the city of Norwich, Norfolk, England. He grew up with a big interest in media sciences. He has a sister named Charley and a girlfriend named Fiona who he has been dating since April 2015. They got engaged during December 2018, although are yet to marry. He appeared in a trial-run of the British reality TV series Big Brother, spending one week in the house. 

YouTube career[]

Jack is known for his commentary videos where he typically criticises other YouTubers in a comedic way.

Happy Hour Podcast[]

He has a very popular podcast known as the Happy Hour Podcast with Stevie White and Robbie Knox. Previous full-time hosts include ImAllexx and Dudey Rhino, although they have both since parted with the podcast. Alfie Indra, WillJC, Max Fosh and his fiancé Fiona have all been stand-in hosts during the course of the podcast, for when a regular host is unavailable.

Some of the guests that have appeared on an episode of Happy Hour include:

Happy Half Hour Podcast[]

He also ran a spin-off called 'Happy Half Hour' where he gave life advice with fellow YouTuber and friend, Robbie Knox. The spin-off began in early 2020, although ended after a few months.