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JaackMaate has more than One Million Subscribers
JaackMaate is a Commentator
JaackMaate is from England
JaackMaate is male
JaackMaate created their account in 2008
JaackMaate is a Content Creator on YouTube

Jack Carl Dean (born: March 7, 1993 (1993-03-07) [age 29]), better known online as JaackMaate, is an English commentary YouTuber.

Personal life

JaackMaate was born on 7 March 1993 in the city of Norwich, Norfolk, England. He grew up with a big interest in media sciences. He has a sister named Charley and a girlfriend named Fiona who he has been dating since April 2015. They got engaged during December 2018, although are yet to marry. He appeared in a trial-run of the British reality TV series Big Brother, spending one week in the house. 

YouTube career

Jack is known for his commentary videos where he typically criticises other YouTubers in a comedic way.

Happy Hour Podcast

He has a very popular podcast known as the Happy Hour Podcast with Stevie White and Robbie Knox. Previous full-time hosts include ImAllexx and Dudey Rhino, although they have both since parted with the podcast. Alfie Indra, WillJC, Max Fosh and his fiancé Fiona have all been stand-in hosts during the course of the podcast, for when a regular host is unavailable.

Some of the guests that have appeared on an episode of Happy Hour include:

Happy Half Hour Podcast

He also ran a spin-off called 'Happy Half Hour' where he gave life advice with fellow YouTuber and friend, Robbie Knox. The spin-off began in early 2020, although ended after a few months.


Being a commentary YouTuber always comes with some sort of beef or spat. JaackMaate has been involved with a fair few Twitter and YouTube spats during his career. These include a Twitter spat with English singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding, another Twitter spat with South African YouTuber Caspar and even a smaller spat with good friend ImAllexx.

Recently Jaack made "JaackMaate" a company and employed his fiance Fiona, who does editing work for his main channel content and Indie Singer Alfie Indra.