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Jack Massey Welsh[1][2] (born: June 24, 1996 (1996-06-24) [age 25]),[3][4] better known online as JackSucksAtLife, is an English YouTuber, known for his variety of content and multiple YouTube Channels.

Personal life

Jack Massey Welsh was born on June 24, 1996,[5][6] in Bishop Auckland, County Durham, England.[7] He has lived all across the United Kingdom, including Anaheim, North Yorkshire, Newcastle upon Tyne, but is currently living in Nottinghamshire.[8]

He has a girlfriend, Becky Taylor, and two dogs named Flossy (who was originally Becky's family's dog)[9] and Kong.[10] Flossy's breed is Norfolk Terrier and Kong's breed is Jack Russell Terrier.

Jack has visited Ireland, France, Spain, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Hong Kong and the United States.[11]

Running gags

  • Fiverr Jesus[12][13][14] (as well as other Fiverr gigs including Varun Karkhanis[15] and a Robert DeNiro impression[16])
  • His collection of creator awards[17]


Jack currently has 17 YouTube channels, including the one created by MrBeast for Jack (more info below). These include:

  • JackSucksAtLife[18]
  • JackSucksAtStuff[19]
  • Jack Massey Welsh[20][21]
  • JackSucksAtGeography[22][23]
  • JackSucksAtPopUpPirate[24][25]
  • turd boi420[26][27]
  • JackSucksAtClips[28][29][30]
  • JacksEpicYoutubeChannelFullOfFunTimesAndFunHiRickX[31][32]
  • SamSmellsOfApricots[33][34]
  • SamSmellsOfApricot[35]
  • JackMasseyWelsh[36][37]
  • ejsafc[38][39][40]
  • No Context JackSucksAtLife[43][44]
  • TDD41[45][46]
  • JackSucksAtEspañol[47][48]

MrBeast also created a channel called Don't Subscribe, where he gave Jack 10 cents every time the channel received a subscriber (up to 1,000,000 subscribers). Despite popular belief, Jack does not have access to this channel.

Jack had also promised that he would create a wig-reviewing channel called JackSucksAtWigs, due to reciving 75,000 likes on his video "Which of my subscribers has the most subscribers? 1 YEAR LATER!! 🔨".[49][50] Jack has not made this channel yet and will probably never, as he as said multiple times he doesn't wish to.

Active channels


Jack has a second channel called JackSucksAtStuff, which he used to use to post Minecraft content. In August 2020, however, Jack announced that he was going to quit his Minecraft server, Skycade, and, in the first Reddit video on JackSucksAtStuff, he said he is interested in "posting more random, non-Minecraft videos on this channel".[51] There is a Reddit video every Tuesday on this channel,[52] as well as occasional extra video during the week. The Minecraft X-Life SMP was a long-running series on the channel[53] with the first episode releasing on May 23, 2020,[54] and the final episode (episode 41) releasing on February 13, 2021, in which he lost his tenth and final life after jumping in an oven whilst trying to retrieve a cake.[55]

Jack Massey Welsh

Jack also created another channel called Jack Massey Welsh (formerly called Friends And Nice Guys) where he posts videos about his Tesla Model 3, Tesla's in general, and also plans to do some other vlogs in the future.[56] Jack's Tesla Model 3, which was announced he bought on September 10, 2019, was painted midnight metallic, had 18-inch aero wheels, autopilot, and full self-driving capability.[57] He is looking to name his Tesla. He pinned this in the comments of "My Girlfriend drives my Tesla Model 3 for the first time,".[58]

Previous to this channel being his Tesla channel, it was a podcast channel between Jack and SeaPeeKay, called Friends And Nice Guys. After five episodes, the podcast became very inactive, so Jack converted it to his Tesla and car channel.[59]

Jack's girlfriend, Becky Taylor, is featured prominently on this channel. She does the editing and has been featured in most videos, starring in some dressed as a traffic cone,[60] wheelie bin[61], traffic light[62] and stop sign.[63] Jack has paid off his Tesla by making videos about the Tesla that he bought in September of 2019 and has received the new, white 2021 model and traded in the 2019 model l, which was documented on the Jack Massey Welsh YouTube channel.[64][65] Jack is now also considering trading in his 2021 Tesla Model 3 for a Tesla Model Y.[66]

Jack also earned the FirstCar Young Influencer of the Year Award 2021 because of this channel.[67][68][69]


On March 27, Jack tweeted that his most recent Reddit video had got to 20K likes and that he had made the channel 'JackSucksAtGeography'. He posts Geoguessr content there, and other geography-related games. However, a few months went by and in June all the videos got less than 80K views in a few weeks and have told his fans if he doesn't get enough views he may stop uploading on JackSucksAtGeography. He still makes content but a little less frequently than previously. However, most of his fans like these videos due to how silly Jack is with his flags/knowledge of countries. He did collaborate with Wilbur Soot on a video[70] twice - one on his Geography channel and one on his main channel[71] to attempt to promote this channel. On May 2, 2021, Jack started a new series in which he attempted to learn all 197 countries in the world, he only could name 76/197 on his very first try but he has since uploaded a video (June 3, 2021) in which he managed to name all 197 countries. Following this, due to popular requests, he began a series to learn all 197 flags.

Jack stated in a Reddit video that if JackSucksAtGeography didn't get 200K subscribers, then Jack would stop uploading to the channel. This subscriber goal wasn't met, and Jack discontinued the channel as a result. He has stated he enjoyed making the content on this channel. However, on August 20, 2020, Jack revealed his intentions of getting a Guinness World Record for being the fastest person to complete the Geoguessr Dumb Test.[72] The organization didn't accept his record due to complications with competing games, so he set a challenge on Twitter for people to beat his record of 38 seconds on the map.


On June 19, 2020, Jack made JackSucksAtPopUpPirate because his fans hit the like goal of a video to make the channel, and he made the video with the video.[73] It has 180,000 subscribers as of June 2021. Jack says he will upload on this channel every hundred thousand subscribers the channel gets. Due to his attempt at a World Record, JackSucksAtPopUpPirate's content is mainly Jack, sitting, pirate hat on, playing PopUpPirate with two plastic figures playing against each other. Jack also treats JackSucksAtPopUpPirate as a separate entity on occasion. There are also 2 unreleased PopUpPirate videos including Becky. The reason that these were not uploaded is that it was before Jack knew about the world record guidelines. Jack has also said in many videos that he is going to upload new pop-up pirate videos every 100K subscribers.


This channel was created because he wanted to hold a Guinness world record of having the most play buttons owned by an individual. The record states he needed eight Youtube channels with over 100,000 subscribers each. So Jack made this channel in hopes he can get a Guinness world record, however, he did upload many reaction/random videos to the channel. This channel received 100k subscribers in less than 2 hours. Also, Jack had a goal to get the record for the longest YouTube name on a play button, which he did. The content on this channel is mainly reviews of items in Jack's possession. The channel surpassed JackSucksAtGeography in subscribers, as well as hitting 200K a few days before. Jack has also tried to get this to the maximum letters so he can see what it looks like on a YouTube plaque.


This channel was created in an attempt to satisfy his fans thirst for JackSucksAtWigs, a channel he's long since promised to create, and because people were about to take over his world record. So, he created his channel called JackSucksAtClips which after a brief period of uploading once every two days, is now uploaded on twice per day due to the new manager and editor.

No Context JackSucksAtLife[43][44]

This channel was created for "out of context clips" from his videos. The channel was first released in a JackSucksAtStuff video, titled "My Subscribers are mad at me for this...".[44]


This channel is Jack's Spanish channel. The channel posts Spanish dubs of already-posted videos from Jack's other channels. The channel was created on January 22, 2022,[77] and began uploading in March 2022.[78][79] The person who does the Spanish voice acting is Argentinian voice actor, broadcaster, singer and YouTuber Malcom Locutor.[80][81][82]

Inactive channels

turd boi420

This channel was only made so Jack could get another Silver Play Button. He made a video on his main channel to get turd boi420 more subscribers. As a direct result of a video uploaded on JackSucksAtStuff, turd boi420 was able to achieve 100,000 subscribers in less than a day. The turd boi420 channel has been active for about 1 month. Jack has been trying his best to upload videos every day to collect his well-deserved play button. When it arrived, he made a video where he showcased it, later to realize it was for his other channel, JackSucksAtGeography. He finally received his Silver Play Button on May 6, 2020. After getting the Silver Play Button he unlisted all of the videos on turd boi420. After Jack received his KSI Diamond Play Button, the awards company behind making the YouTube rewards emailed Jack to say he cannot make another channel with the sole purpose of getting another play button, so turd boi420 became the last channel of Jack's to have this trait. Jack treats turd boi as a separate entity, most of the time. He is very salty about the new attention. When he got the World Record, he relisted the videos. This channel uploaded its last video on April 12, 2021, that being a toaster review.


This channel was created using a glitch where you can make a channel with a username with more than the regular 50-character limit. The name is, in total, 382 characters. Jack never planned and still does not plan to do anything with this channel.


Jack also has a channel that he no longer uses named SamSmellsOfApricots where he made comedy sketches with his secondary school friends. It now has 140,000 subscribers due to Jack promoting it on his main channel so he could grow his ever-growing number of YouTube creator rewards (commonly referred to as YouTube Play Buttons). Since then Jack released a video on his main channel, telling people to unsubscribe from SamSmellsOfApricots so he would have a Silver YouTube creator reward without having 100,000 subscribers on the channel. SamSmellsOfApricots went down to a low of 91,000 subscribers, before passing 100,000 again a few days later. The SamSmellsOfApricots channel has been inactive for over 8 years, but he posted a community post a bit ago. He had many more videos before his current video, though he deleted them all due to copyright issues and claims and was extremely worried about this. His first ever video was called "Jack riding a unicycle" He quickly deleted it because he clicked on the wrong video file and instead uploaded a video of some penguins.


The SamSmellsOfApricot channel has one singular video, which was only made to be used on Jack's other channel SamSmellsOfApricots in the video "Temple Run in REAL LIFE!" at 0:50 to 0:57. The channel is largely unknown, due to the channel barely being mentioned because of its strange nature.


Jack had another channel called ejsafc which has been abandoned. He talked about this channel in a video that it was his friend Elley-Jane's channel.[83] The most popular video on that channel is titled Angry Birds In Real Life with over 3.3 million views. The channel reached 100K subscribers in October 2020, but Jack is saying he is going to wait to make the video. The ejsafc channel has been inactive for about 8 years. Jack was the primary content creator for this channel, even though it was owned by Elley. He has recently changed the username of the channel to a single asterisk (*) in an attempt to get a play button with nothing on it where the channel name should be. So far, the play button has not been delivered to Jack, despite the channel having exactly 100K subscribers at the moment. Later on, he has changed the channel name back to "ejsafc" name for an unknown reason. He could not get the play button because he doesn't have enough watch time to get into the partner program, so he can't claim a play button.


Jack has a smaller testing channel named JackMasseyWelsh (not to be confused with his Tesla channel, which has spaces), which is Jack's full name. In 2011, he uploaded a video called "Demon Test Cam - *SCARY!*" showing off the application 'Demon Cam'. Two years later, he uploaded "Tromboogle1048" where Jack makes a funny noise for two seconds. Going on the Internet archive, you can see that the channel was once called "SamSmellsOfApricots Secret Channel !" You could also find three deleted videos called "Duck with a gun" "NYAN" and "SPARTA". On October 15, 2021, Jack gained access to the channel again and uploaded a new video to the channel titled "Tromboogle1049".[84]


Main article: TDD41

This is an old channel that Jack used for a video called "The Greatest Video On The Internet." Jack doesn't mention this channel very often, so it only has around 4K subscribers at the moment. Jack does not have access to the TDD41 channel. Since it's discovered, people have called it one of Jack's channels but he does not. The channel was made by his old college friend.

YouTube career

Jack has made tons of videos over the years he has been on YouTube. He was previously fully Minecraft centric, with every video being about Minecraft for many years. Tied with that were QnA videos, community subreddit videos, and other general non-gaming. Jack now does all Minecraft and community videos on JackSucksAtStuff. Now, Jack mainly does reaction and analytics about his channels, as well as his goal of getting YouTube awards. Jack hit 1 million subscribers on October 23, 2019.

Jack promoted Larry in the video 'This is the new PewDiePie vs Cocomelon and got Larry past his second channel in total subscribers.[85] Jack is also known for playing the kazoo and having drama with The Original Ace, who claimed that Jack stole his sponsor, even though Jack clearly got sponsored by the Massdrop AKG M220 headphones before Ace. However, this was all fake for a video.[86] He has since lost his sponsorship with Massdrop and has changed the headphones he wears in his videos.

Jack had drama with Willz The King after Willz made three videos about Jack and made a diss track on him. Both diss tracks made a lot of drama in the YouTube community and after the war ended he became friends with Jack and married him in Minecraft.

Jack has a running gag on his channel where he often talks about Society Awards employee Rick, who has packaged all of Jack's play buttons, apart from his recent silver play button for his channel 'JackSucksAtClips', which was packaged by Zach instead.

In 2018, a handful of YouTubers, such as DanTDM, got sent an award from YouTube. The award contained the YouTuber's logo, and had text over it with comments from the YouTuber's comment section.[87] Jack did not get this award, so he made his own.[88] A few months later he sold it on eBay.[89]

World Records

In September 2020, Jack received the world record for "most YouTube channels with over 100,000 subscribers owned by an individual", with 9 eligible channels.[90][91] In July 2021, he broke this record, with 10 eligible channels.[92][93] In May 2022, he again broke the record, with 11 eligible channels, as his channel "No Context JackSucksAtLife" reached 100,000 subscribers.[94]

Jack has, so far, helped two others get a Guinness World Record, by finding out which records they have broken, and subbmitting them to Guinness. He helped TommyInnit get 2 records: "most followed Minecraft channel on Twitch" and "most viewers of a Minecraft gameplay live stream on Twitch".[95][96][97] He helped GeorgeNotFound get the record for "most viewers of a cooking live stream on Twitch".[98][99][100] Jack has said that he is interested in helping other people receive world records, such as Wilbur Soot.


Before any editors came along, Jack edited all of his videos by himself up to 30 March 2018, where Jack uploaded 'TURNING PLAYERS INTO POTATOES (literally) '.[101] This was the first video that a professional editor edited. Jack edited all of the videos on SamSmellsOfApricots, ejsafc, etc. and JackSucksAtLife until then. He does still edit some of his videos, but not as frequently as previously.


  • Kai Ross-Best (born: November 10, 1999 (1999-11-10) [age 22]) is Jack's first and most well-known editor. He is from Kent, England and frequently edits JackSucksAtStuff Reddit and X-Life videos and formerly JackSucksAtGeography. He used to edit all the time on JackSucksAtLife but he doesn't now. In old Reddit videos from 2018 and occasionally now, Jack makes Kai track his finger all around the screen. Jack also made Kai swirl his face and other funny edits. Jack would also mention him when he wants Kai to edit something very hard. When Jack talks to Kai, Kai will edit his reply onscreen, in text. for a frame or two. Jack has once said that "[Kai] is the best editor a man could ever ask for.
  • Becky Taylor (born: August 19, 1996 (1996-08-19) [age 25]), who is also Jack's girlfriend, does a lot of editing on JackSucksAtLife. She is also responsible for filming and editing all of Jack's Tesla channel videos. They started dating on January 12, 2015, and have been together ever since.[102] The first video Becky edited for Jack's main channel, JackSucksAtLife, was "Buying props from my favourite Films & TV shows! Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings etc".[103]


  • ThomasBeFilming (born: March 6, 2000 (2000-03-06) [age 22]) was Jack's second editor to come along. He used to edit videos for JackSucksAtStuff - normally the Minecraft server videos but sometimes analytic videos. Thomas has edited for Jack since May 2019. He is no longer an editor for Jack as he does not see the need for 3. In addition, Thomas also edits for YouTubers such as Ryguyrocky, Dangthatsalongname, and other Minecraft YouTubers.[104]
  • Wilbur Soot (born: September 14, 1996 (1996-09-14) [age 25]) first appeared in the video, "I let a random guy edit this video". His editing had eeriness and some things were out of place. After the first video was uploaded, people were starting to find clues, channels and some items placed hidden in real life. This was when The Wilbur Soot ARG officially started. After hearing about all these clues, channels, and unlisted videos, Jack had begun a Google Document for any clues and leads/theories that might have led to something. The Wilbur Soot ARG made the channel, JackSucksAtLife, grow in popularity, and inspired some kids to try to make clues. Wilbur formerly worked on SootHouse but now does his own projects, including music and Minecraft with YouTubers such as Dream and TommyInnit. Wilbur is no longer an editor for Jack and was only an editor for the videos that were a part of The Wilbur ARG.


Ongoing series


  • Play Button Saga
  • Film Props


  • Weekly Reddit
  • Which of My Subscribers/Followers Has the Most Subscribers/Followers?

Jack Massey Welsh

  • Tesla Tutorials
  • Tesla Experimenting


  • Pop-Up Pirate


  • Flaws in Play Button Awards
  • Shorts
  • Reaction Videos
  • Unboxing
  • Packaged By Rick Cards


  • Clips from his past videos.


  • Geoguessr
  • Learning all of the countries / Learning all 50 states
  • Learning all the flags of the world
  • Drawing flags from memory

Former series


  • Minecraft


  • Geoguessr

Play Buttons & Awards

Jack has a series where the long term plan is to get as many play buttons as he possibly can. He currently has 25 real play buttons, 6 fake play buttons, and 13 other awards. In addition, he also has the briefcase of PewDiePie's 100 million play button.

Given Official YouTube Play Buttons


  • Original 'JackSucksAtMinecraft' Play Button, November 2014.[105] This Play Button is currently on his wall.
  • Newer 'JackSucksAtStuff' Play Button, August 2019.[106] This Play Button is currently on his wall.
  • Newer 'SamSmellsOfApricots' Play Button, December 2019.[107] This Play Button is currently on his wall.
  • Newer 'Jack Massey Welsh' Play Button, February 2020.[108] This Play Button is currently on his wall.
  • Newer 'JackSucksAtGeography' Play Button, April 2020.[109] This Play Button is currently on his wall.
  • Newer 'turd boi420' Play Button, April 2020.[110] This Play Button is currently on his wall.
  • Newer 'JackSucksAtPopUpPirate' Silver Play Button, July 2020.[111] This Play Button is currently on his wall.
  • Newer 'JacksEpicYoutubeChannel FullOfFunTimesAndFuHiRickX' Silver Play Button, September 2020.[112] This Play Button is currently on his wall.
  • Newer 'JackSucksAtClips' Silver Play Button, February 2021.[113] This Play Button is currently on his wall.
  • Bought 'YellowSwellow' 2016 Play Button, November 2020. This Play Button is currently on his wall.
  • Bought 'JackSucksAtLife' Play Button, April 2019.[114] This Play Button is currently on his wall.
  • Bought 'Copper Creek Cuts' Play Button, December 2020.[115] This Play Button is currently on his wall.
  • Received 'DeeterPlays' Play Button as of March 4th, 2021.[116] This Play Button is currently on his wall.
  • Received 'Wills' 2017 Silver Play Button as of July 22, 2021. (This Play Button was later turned into a custom Don't Subscribe Gold Play Button.)


  • Bought the original 2012 gold Play Button
  • Owns the Play Button which was released between the 2012 and 2019 variations.
  • Newer 'JackSucksAtLife' Play Button, November 2019.[117] This Play Button is currently on his wall.
  • Bought 'Skeppy' Play Button, October 2019.[118] This Play Button is currently on his wall.
  • Custom Hydrodipped 'JackSucksRyGuyRulez' Play Button, April 2020.[119] This Play Button is currently on his wall.
  • Bought 'BGH Music' 2016 Play Button, March 2021.[120] This Play Button is currently on his wall.
  • Bought OG 2012 Play Button, May 2021.[121] This Play Button is currently behind him, in the background of videos.


  • Bought 'KSI' Play Button, July 2020.[122][123][124][125][126][127] This Play Button is currently on a table, behind Jack in the background of his videos.
  • Bought 10,000,000 'Diamond Team Award', January 2021. This Play Button is currently on his shelf.[128][129]

Red Diamond

Unofficial and Fake Play Buttons


  • Fake 'JackSucksAtLife' Play Button, November 2019.[131][132] This Play Button was dismantled and made into a chain.
  • Fake 'We Write Your Chosen Text Here, Lorem ipsum, Lorem psum dolor sit amet' Play Button, July 2021. This Play Button was given away to a YouTuber named BurtBen[133] in the same video he unboxed it in.
  • Fake 'ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs' Play Button.[134] It was sold on EBay for $622.33 (≈£471.71), which consisted off Jack's offer of $400, along with $87.08 shipping and $135.25 import charge.[135] It was sold as a 'misprinted award', as it was a Silver Play Button (usually given away at 100,000 subscribers), but had '1,000,000 subscribers' written on it instead.[136] Jack also noticed the award had a different centerpiece to the real YouTube Play Buttons, and it was actually a similar design to the 2016-2018 design of the Silver Play Buttons.[137] However, when compared to a real old Play Buttons, it looked different.[138] It was also noted that the bought Play Button's box was smaller, and looked different inside[139] and the backing (felt, screws, etc.) was slightly different.[140] Jake eventually took the award apart to see if it was real or fake, and Jack started that it was fake and that he had been scammed.[141] There has, however, been a few theories that this Play Button may have been real, or some sort of prototype.[142][143]


  • Fake ''KSI' Play Button, April 2021. This Play Button is currently on the floor in the background of videos.


  • Fake Diamond Play Button, November 2020. This Play Button is currently on the floor in the background of videos.

Red Diamond

  • Replica Red 100 Million Diamond Play Button, February 2021.[144] This Play Button is currently on a table, behind Jack in the background of his videos.


  • Custom 250,000 'JackSucksAtLife' Play Button, September 2017. This Play Button is currently on his shelf.
  • Fake 50,000,000 'PewDiePie' Brofist Replica Award, November 2019 (Sold on eBay).[145]
  • Fake Turd 'turdboi420' Play Button, November 2019.[146] This Play Button is currently on his wall.
  • Custom 'Wikitubia Hall of Fame' Play Button, February 2020.[147][148] This Play Button is currently on his shelf.
  • Fake 2,760 'JackMasseyWelsh' Play Button, November 2019 (Given to MiniMuka).[149]
  • Custom 'JackSucksAtLife' Photoshopped Award, February 2020 (Sold on eBay).[150]
  • Bought Red Diamond 'PewDiePie' Play Button Chest, July 2020.[151] This is currently on the floor in the background of videos.
  • Fake wooden 'For You Campaign' play button from Elliot, December 2020.[152] This Play Button is currently on the sofa in the background of videos.
  • Fake Obsidian Play Button from Timeworks, January 2021.[153] This Play Button is currently on his table.
  • Fake 'JackSucksAtLife' 1,000,000,000 Subscriber Play Button, July 2021. This Play Button is going to be given away.
  • Fake '@JackMasseyWelsh'' 100k Instagram Award, July 2021. This Play Button is currently on his shelf.
  • Fake Youtube Icon Play Button, July 2021. This Play Button is going to be given away.
  • YouTube Play Button that was orginally from PropaneGames was bought from Ebay but is given back to ThePokeAttic, August 2021.[154]

Future Play Buttons


  • "Don't Subscribe" Silver Play Button. MrBeast has not yet claimed this award, because the channel is not currently eligible, due to MrBeast making Jack not creating videos part of the challenge.
  • "ejsafc" Silver Play Button. The channel has hit 100K, but Jack has not yet claimed the award.
  • "JackMasseyWelsh" Silver Play Button, roughly 50K away (as of April 30, 2022).
  • "SamSmellsOfApricot" (singular) Silver Play Button, roughly 82K away (as of April 30, 2022).
  • Jack does not have the login to this channel, so it's actually unknown if he'll get this on a real Play Button.


  • "Don't Subscribe" Gold Play Button. MrBeast has not claimed this award because the channel is not eligible as of August 6, 2021. due to MrBeast making Jack not creating videos part of the challenge.
  • "JackSucksAtStuff" Gold Play Button, roughly 321K subscribers away (as of April 30, 2022)
  • "Jack Massey Welsh" Gold Play Button, roughly 493K subscribers away (as of April 30, 2022)
  • "JacksEpicYoutubeChannelFullOfFunTimesAndFunHiRickX" Gold Play Button, roughly 650K subscribers away (as of April 30, 2022)
  • "JackSucksAtGeography" Gold Play Button, roughly 358K subscribers away (as of April 30, 2022)
  • "turd boi420" Gold Play Button, roughly 695K subscribers away (as of April 30, 2022)
  • "JackSucksAtPopUpPirate" Gold Play Button, roughly 805K subscribers away (as of April 30, 2022)
  • "JackSucksAtClips" Gold Play Button, roughly 761K subscribers away (as of April 30, 2022)
  • "SamSmellsOfApricots" Gold Play Button, roughly 833K subscribers away (as of April 30, 2022)
  • "ejsafc" Gold Play Button, roughly 888K subscribers away (as of April 30, 2022)


  • "JackSucksAtLife" Real Diamond Play Button, roughly 7.79M subscribers away (as of 27th March, 2022).[155]

Jack already has a Diamond Play Button even though he has not hit 10 million subscribers, due to a YouTuber called Josh Kapranos who found a glitch.[156] Jack then used this glitch to buy a Diamond Play Button with KSI's name on it.[157]

Other information

JackSucksAtLife was featured on DramaAlert for his discovery of buying YouTube Creator Awards.[14] In Early November 2019, Jack bought 4 fake play buttons from eBay/Etsy, with money from sponsorship from Honey. The "play buttons" he bought was: A replica of PewDiePie's 50 Million Bro Fist award, a small replica of YouTube's old design - for "turdboi420" for passing 1 subscriber, a red Play Button for his old channel "JackMasseyWelsh" for 2,760 subscribers & a replica of another YouTube Play Button design - one Jack didn't have at the time (2015) - for his channel "JackSucksAtLife" for hitting 100,000 Subscribers.[15] He has mentioned that he wants to go to Paris and see the Red Diamond Play Button that PewDiePie and T-Series own, but that may not happen because Cocomelon has surpassed 100 million subscribers. However, it was recently confirmed in a JackSucksAtStuff video that the Red Diamond Play Button is still there. What's Inside also went to the Play Button factory and Jack has made a video about checking if Rick has a card. In I found Pewdiepie's 100 Mill Diamond Play Button Chest on eBay, the end of the video shows a clock with a Diamond Play Button in the center and a time scheduled for 6 PM UK time on the 25th of July, 2020. He has hinted at this video in another and his current Twitter profile picture is his regular one but with a Diamond Play Button on top of his head. The video was eventually released and it was him buying and unboxing the Diamond Play Button.


Since Jack made his channel in 2013, Minecraft played a key part in his success. He started off making Minecraft Mod Showcases, similar to what DanTDM, PopularMMOs, and other fairly large Youtubers were doing. He had a few viral videos here and there, including his Girlfriend Mod showcase, which has been his most popular video on JackSucksAtLife for many years until Jack deleted the video in December 2020. After mod showcases, Jack opened a server called EvoPvP, where he recorded factions videos, whilst continuing showcasing mods. After Evo, Jack made a server called Skycade, originally a prison server, but converted it into Factions under a new team. This is the only server he owned that is still alive today. Since 2019, Jack slowed down on Minecraft content as they were his least successful videos and by 2020, Jack resigned from Skycade and has stopped making Minecraft videos apart from X-Life. He recently made a 1.17 Minecraft series but abandoned the project after dying in the 4th video.


Previously Owned by Jack


Jack previously owned a Minecraft network with a variety of game modes including Factions, SkyBlock, etc. Skycade is where Jack recorded most of his content, most notably Hacker Catching and Trolling. Where he did over 100 episodes. Unlike many other servers, SkyCade is non-pay-to-win, which Jack is very proud of. Jack found and trolled hackers on Skycade frequently - this was his main Minecraft series for years, as that was the reason his channel was brought back. On 10th August 2020, Jack resigned as the owner of the server due to demotivation and him believing it was unfair to take a large pay cut for doing nothing to the server.[158] This was met by many mixed responses and caused some people to permanently leave the server. On March 22nd 2022, the management team had shut down the server and it's databases. A quote from the announcement on discord states, "The primary reason for this closure is to conserve resources for management. We don't like how the server is to go out, we would much rather have Skycade as it once was, but with the community as a whole both growing and moving on from the server it became a task balancing the wants of a much smaller group of older members of the community and attempting to reach out to a bigger group of newer players."[159]


EvoPvP was a server where Jack made his first Minecraft faction videos. He was also one of the 3 owners for a long time. It contains many of the same game modes as Skycade: OP factions, KitPvP, Prison, Creative, and Skyblock. However, unlike SkyCade, EvoPvP was pay2win, which is one of the reasons Jack is no longer an owner. He left the server for many reasons, some of the reasons include disagreements with the other owners and the highly toxic community. The server has been shut down and likely will continue to be in the future. Skycade did buy the domains for EvoPvP so anyone trying to log in to Evo will be redirected to Skycade. Jack has once said his inspiration for becoming an owner on EvoPvP was down to one of his favorite YouTuber's Mr_eVo.


SaicoSky is a Skyblock server and is made by the same people behind SaicoPvP, a PVP server. Jack and Doni's big Minecraft adventure, played on this server, was a series where half the episodes were uploaded on Jack's main channel, JackSucksAtLife, but then switched on his side channel, JackSucksAtStuff, when that was created. The other half was uploaded to DoniBobes's channel.

OPBlocks Prisons

Jack was sponsored to play OPBlocks prisons by the owners. He gave away snitch rank to the first few people who used his code in their store. He stopped playing their server due to him picking up a sponsorship from TheArchon.

TheArchon Azkaban Prisons

TheArchon is a server, formerly owned by TheCampingRusher, that Jack was sponsored by to play on for 15 weeks, on their Azkaban Prisoners server. He gave away a free rank to the first 200 people who used his code. He accidentally made more Archon videos than he was supposed to.

Minecraft Monday

Minecraft Monday was an event run by KEEMSTAR every Monday at 4 pm EST/9 pm BST. It lets a lot of YouTuber's/Streamers compete in a series of Minigames/Hunger Games. JackSucksAtLife participated in the event between weeks 1 and 9 (June 24, 2019 - August 19, 2019), he streamed the events live on his main YouTube Channel. Jack participated in the events with fellow YouTuber's Dangthatsalongname, Skeppy, Doni Bobes, Wilbur Soot, Technoblade, and more:

Week 1

Ironically, Week 1 was Jack's best overall result of any Minecraft Monday. Finishing 4th with his teammate DangThatsALongName. It was also his birthday.[160] He got 11th individually and hit 800,000 subscribers.

Week 2

In Week 2, Jack was teamed with fellow YouTuber Skeppy. They finished 5th as a team (collectively 500 points) in what was the final all Hunger Games Minecraft Monday.[161] However, Jack only got 92/500 points and was arguably "carried". Also in week 2, he and Skeppy killed PewDiePie, who was teamed with James Charles. He added this to PewDiePie's Wikitubia article, as seen in the video I became a Wikipedia staff member.

Week 3

Week 3 was the beginning of the team with Doni Bobes. Week 3 of Minecraft Monday was more mini-game focused with less PvP, so Jack thought he would have a better chance. They got 9th as a team with 889 points and Jack earning 372 of those respectfully.[162]

Week 4

In Week 4, Jack teamed once again with Doni Bobes. They once again finished 9th, with 578 points. Sadly the full stream is no longer public on Jack's channel however highlight videos of this week are up on Jack's second channel, noticeably fellow participant HeyImBee friend-zoning Doni.[163] It sits on over 500,000 views.

Week 5

Week 5 was once again Jack partnering up with Doni Bobes. This week they finished 7th, with 730 points and Jack getting 340.[164]

Week 6

Week 6 saw the return of Week 1 teammate DangThatsALongName. They finished 10th. Jack collected 483 of 887 points. Jack also won the second of the 3 Spleef rounds and was arguably his best performance yet.[165]

Week 7

In Week 7, Jack once again teamed up with Week 1/6 teammate DangThatsALongName. They finished 12th. Jack and Scott won the controversial Build Battle round. Jack earned 452 of their 963 points.[166]

Week 8

In Week 8, Jack teamed up with Wilbur Soot, they finished 11th with 500 points, and Jack earning 265 of them. Jack has removed his full stream from his channel but you can view highlights from Wilbur on his channel.[167]

Week 9

In Jack's final week of Minecraft Monday, Jack teamed with 3-time champion Technoblade. Techno and Jack placed 5th with 1,327 points, Jack getting 417 of those.


Jack left Minecraft Monday due to several known reasons. Jack decided not to participate in Minecraft Monday for the first time for Week 10, ending his 9 Week streak.[168] Jack had said on Twitter he felt the event was getting a bit repetitive and wanted a break. Interestingly, he withdrew that statement and simply said "forever", this is after drama between KEEMSTAR the organizer, and one of the participants a6d. To put it simply, Keem kicked out a6d for not having enough viewers just 2 hours before the event. After week 10, several YouTubers (and Jack's friends) said they will not rejoin Minecraft Monday and Jack joined them. It's unsure whether the drama itself or his friends leaving was the cause.

Modded SMPs

Jack has been in a variety of Modded Survival Multiplayer Servers. Some of these series are some of the most successful playlists on all of his channels. All of these SMPs have included some fairly large YouTubers, such as LaurenzSide, LDShadowLady, and SmallishBeans, as well as himself.

Harmony Hollow Season 3

After three seasons, Jack joined Harmony Hollow Season 3. This was a series with a variety of Mods with two main teams - Vampires and Vampire Hunters. Jack chose to be a vampire and bit people. He had a very fun time and the viewers were very excited about the series. His first episode currently sits on 260k views, which is a lot of views compared to his average views per video at that time. Notable characters include Fang, which was Jack's Dog. In this series, he was known as Count Jackula.

One Life Season 3

A few months after Harmony Hollow S3 ended, most of the YouTubers, with some more, came onto the SMP called 'One Life'. Essentially, it was Minecraft Hardcore mode (if you die, you're out) but on a multiplayer level. Jack started on the SMP with a dirt mound in the ground doing Survival Minecraft. However, this all changed when Thinknoodles managed to die by suffocation in a tree he planted at his house. Jack decided to create a meme and move into people's houses when they die. Think's house was a massive beehive with a lovely garden on the outside. Jack used his storage systems, crafting areas, etc. to progress in the series.

Jack started to collect some pets. Some of these include 'diffs', a giant scorpion. It has a strange name because Jack wanted to type in a name however it bugged, so he typed in random letters but those typed in and he accidentally entered the name. There was also a flying dragon called Edna, but she died so she got replaced with Edna Jr.

At the end of the series, there was a deathmatch. As Jack stayed alive for the whole series, he participated in the deathmatch. He was one of the final three with the best armor and sword. However, when he was fighting Dangthatsalongname, he accidentally dropped his Advanced Nether Star Sword (the best sword in the mod) due to him not unbinding his 'Q' key, which dropped items. He then had to use a diamond sword but he dropped that. Eventually, he was fighting Scott with a piece of dirt and lost. After this event, it became a meme in the community for a few months. Now, he ensures that his 'Q' key is always unbound when doing PVP.

X Life

In May 2020 the new Minecraft series 'X Life' was introduced. Jack (now Jeremy) was known in this series for his many pets, including Vikram, the Blue Bois, Craig, Malcolm, Lady, Graham, New New Malcolm, Pauline, Norman, Starburst, Andre, Galileo, Shaun, Shredder and Harriet. In November 2020, Jack was executed by SmallishBeans and was reborn as Jeremy. As of January 24, 2021, Jack was on 10 hearts and is very close to being kicked out of the series. He was also life bounded to Lizzy for stealing the frog prince. On February 13, 2021, Jack died and got eliminated from the series.

X Life members:

  • TheOrionSound, OrionSound in Minecraft (Oli)
  • PopularMMOs, FuriousDestroy in Minecraft (Patrick)
  • JackSucksAtLife (But uploads on JackSucksAtStuff), JackSucksAtMC in Minecraft (Jack)
  • fWhip, fWhip in Minecraft (Bryce)
  • Shubble, ShubbleYT in Minecraft (Shelby)
  • Solidarity, SolidarityGaming in Minecraft (Jimmy)
  • Katherine Elizabeth (But uploads on Katherine Elizabeth Gaming), katherineeliz in Minecraft (Katherine)
  • Dangthatsalongname, Smajor1995 in Minecraft (Scott)
  • LDShadowLady, LDShadowLady in Minecraft (Lizzie)
  • Smallishbeans, Smallishbeans in Minecraft (Joel)
  • Joey Graceffa, JOEYGRACEFFA in Minecraft (Joey)
  • Strawburry17Plays, GamerBurry in Minecraft (Meghan)
  • SeaPeeKay, Seapeekay in Minecraft (Callum)
  • RIPmika, SirenMika in Minecraft (Mika)
  • Kouklitsa, _kouklitsa_ in Minecraft (Eleni)
  • LaurenzSide (But uploads on LaurenzLIVEside and Streaming it on Twitch), LaurenzSide (Lauren)
  • GeminiTay, GeminiTay in Minecraft (Taylor)
  • HBomb94, HBomb94 in Minecraft (Liam)
  • Quig, Quig in Minecraft (Ryan)

MC Championship

MC Championship is a Minecraft Tournament for YouTubers and Streamers run by the Noxcrew, in which 10 teams of four compete in a series of 8 minigames decided by the participants. A point multiplier makes each game worth more as each round passes, incentivizing teams to vote for games they might be bad at early on in the event. In the end, the two teams with the most points face off in a round of ‘Dodgebolt’ to decide the winner of the tournament. This makes it possible for a team to win despite potentially having fewer points than the runner-up.

  • MC Championship 1: Team Yellow Chickens
  • MC Championship 2-21: Did not participate


Jack's adventure on the Online Game 'Roblox' has been very interesting. Originally, on April 1, 2018, Jack signed up to Roblox on the account 'Jdawgmadfresh' as an April Fools Joke. He was saying he quit Minecraft as it was irrelevant and started to play McDonald's Tycoon on Roblox, asking people to buy his Minecraft server, Skycade. More than a year later on April 27, 2019, Jack ordered something from Fiverr called 'i will play Roblox with u and join whatever game u want just tell me your username in a feature and I'll find it so we can play' where he got into a call with a person called Hector and played another game. He didn't touch Roblox again until August 3, 2020 where he asked people to follow him on Roblox to get a Roblox Creator Award. To get one, you need to suffice the criteria of 100,000 followers, so Jack set out a campaign to follow his Roblox account on JackSucksAtStuff. Jack is also considering creating a new YouTube channel focused on Roblox in order to achieve this award, as the requirements for the award require him to have at least 10 million views on Roblox-related content. He may also just post this content on JackSucksAtStuff. Then later on, in 2020, Jack's Roblox account was follow botted to over 300K Followers. He did not receive it so Jack later traded with Deeter Plays by giving a gold play button for the cube

Wikitubia and Wikipedia vandalism

On 5 November 2019, Jack uploaded the video 'I edited my own Wikipedia to say whatever I want' showcasing him editing this very article. He purposely vandalized the page while adding some new information.​​​​​​ He even made an entire series regarding editing Wikitubia and Wikipedia, which was decently successful taking into account his average views at the time. In the initial video, he changed his name to 'The Handsome JackSucksAtLife' and updated some outdated information. He also went on the Bishop, Auckland Wikipedia page (the place where he came from) and started editing that by adding himself to the bottom of the notable people list. After the video came out, hundreds and thousands of people started going to these articles and vandalizing them, causing them to be locked. This vandalism hasn't stopped over a year later, as this page is semi-protected.

Two days after the initial video, Jack uploaded 'I got permanently banned from Wikipedia..' where he showed that he cannot have a Wikipedia page, with heavy criticism from the team at Wikipedia, whilst Purzyckij wrote an email thanking Jack for his video and the publicity. After showing the email, he showed some of the funny vandalism which was caused on both this page and the Bishop Auckland Wikipedia page. A month after this video, Jack uploaded the video 'I became a Wikipedia staff member' (though Jack became staff on Wikitubia) where he started editing his article and other people's, with permission from the Administrators. His username on Wikitubia is Jackmasseyw and currently has the Verified YouTuber role.

Gaming setup

Jack's computer is custom-built. Jack built it in a video uploaded on January 30, 2015.[169]

PC specifications

  • CPU Intel I5 4690K
  • GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050
  • Motherboard MSI Z97-GD65 GAMING
  • Ram HyperX FURY Series 16GB (2x 8GB) DDR3 1866
  • SSD 128 GB Crucial
  • HDD 2 TB
  • PSU EVGA 750W SuperNOVA
  • Case NZXT Phantom 820

He currently has two monitors, one being his original one from 2014. The microphone he uses is an Audio Technica AT2020, along with the Drop AKG K7XX gaming headset. The rest of his specifications can be found, with Amazon affiliate links, in all of Jack's video descriptions. For recording software, Jack previously used Fraps but now he uses OBS to capture his gameplay. He would then edit his videos using Sony Vegas however his editor Kai Ross-Best edits a large portion of the videos that he puts on his channel, as well as ThomasBeFilming and Becky. Jack creates all of his own thumbnails using Photoshop.


  • "LOVELY" (Kai makes Jack's mouth wide)
  • "In this box is another Play Button!"
  • (pretending to be Doni Bobes) I LOVE JACKSUCKSATLIFE HE'S SO SEXY
  • Subscribe to Don't Subscribe!
  • Women can also kill prostitutes, it's 2019.
  • Stop talking like an old man and f**k me (Reading fanfiction ft. Kai)
  • NO LONG TERM DAMAGE! (Kai zooms upon his face while Jack laughs quietly)
  • Tickle his pickle. (Hacker Trolling)
  • I'm a married woman!
  • Slit his throat.
  • You lil' scumbag! (Hacker Trolling)
  • (Sarcasm towards his fans after seeing a comment saying that Jack reads his comments if he pins this one) I don't read any of your comments, I hate every single one of you, I'm in this for the money, kill yourselves! (Often taken out of context as a joke)
  • Bloody Norah!
  • And that is some beautiful fan art. [pointing at the fan art]
  • Buy the Wang suffix at! (Skycade)
  • Get diddled/You can't diddle a diddle boy! (Hacker Trolling/Trolling)
  • Hello, my name is Jeremy, and welcome to episode __ of X-Life! (X-life)
  • If there's no swastika, there's no kazoo. (Banning Inappropriate Skins)
  • SkyCade Hoodie is available at (Promoting Merch)
  • You naughty little nelly.
  • [Becky banning a hacker] For soupin innit.
  • JackSucksAtLife Posters are available at (May use different merchandise other than the poster) (Promoting Merch)
  • Hello and welcome to Episode (episode number) of Harmony Hollow. (Harmony Hallow Episodes)
  • I've activated my bloody vampire rage! (Harmony Hallow...?)
  • I SAID A JOKE NOT A POEM! (Hacker Trolling (Asking For Jokes After A Poem Episode))
  • Stick. To. The. Format.
  • That is not a COMPILATION!!!!
  • I had to remove Crate Keys from! [said in a sad voice] (Normally said after he uses the money to buy something)
  • Hello, nine, n-nine nine nine nine zoom! (Trying to say 999zoom)
  • LOVELY. (Kai edits his mouth to be huge when Jack says this)
  • Time to go onto Fiverr!
  • You and your penis should be staying inside!
  • Make sure to get the AKGM220 Headphones link in the description!
  • Track my finger, Kai! Now you can't, it's out of the frame!
  • Side by side comparison!
  • [Whilst laughing excessively] Is that the SkyCade hoodie available at
  • Play.Skycade.Net/
  • Only quality content.
  • Just rearranging my bits and bobs.
  • I just wanna see someone kill themselves!
  • ​​​​​​Potato walrus.
  • Where's me penis give me my penis.
  • I've got my hands on my bits and bobs.
  • They’ll never find me in Mexico!
  • Give him some steak!
  • I respect a man that gives a wolf some privacy when there having hanky-panky with one another.
  • Get gone cheese scone!
  • I should really get a bypass for that...[170]
  • It never quite smelled the same since I urinated when drunk ... (referring to Mooshroom outfit)[171]
  • Bloody hell!
  • I wouldn't mind gluing our asses together!
  • What's a guy gotta do to get a penis around here?
  • Oh, look!!! It's a-- It's a willy!
  • I've never seen so many asses in one place!
  • I need to get a bypass for that.
  • The Girlfriend Mod
  • Packaged by Rick
  • ratatata
  • I feel like cocaine's ok right
  • Guys we need some context for these quotes ok?
  • Go on son!
  • I once landed in a recycling box.
  • If you want to gain followers on social media all you have to do is, I'm not going to tell people to kill themself.
  • Welcome back to the Jacksucksatlife weekly Reddit video!
  • Today we are watching ____.
  • 181 people shove their fingers right up that mans rectum (pin comments video).
  • 'Do you like my French?' Wee!


  • His editor has a YouTube channel named "Kai Ross-Best". His girlfriend, Becky, edits for his Tesla Channel, "Jack Massey Welsh", additionally George manages and edits for his clips channel and tiktok. Wilbur Soot edited some videos for him.
  • He has a phobia of blood.
  • He is a vegetarian.[172]
  • He submitted a form to complete a challenge for the Guinness Book of World Records four different times.[173]
  • He is an atheist, stating that he doesn't have a religion.
  • He has a phobia of wrists.[174]
  • He is 6 feet tall (182 centimeters).[175]
  • He can ride a unicycle.[176][177]
  • He appeared on DramaAlert after posting a video about him buying a YouTube Play Button, as well as when he received 100 million briefcase and when he bought KSI's Diamond Play Button.
  • After making a video about aquiring PewDiePie's Play Button, the offical YouTube channel posted a comment.[178]
  • Kai has once taken over his channel due to Jack's spilling juice on his computer (which caused him to buy a "non-fancy" graphics card - an Nvidia GTX 1050).[179]
  • He claims to never have watched anything inappropriate, even when he was a young and sexually frustrated teen.[180][181] However, this claim can be misleading due to multiple occurrences of his video and search history on YouTube.[182][183]
  • His dream car used to be a Tesla Model X, before he decided that he preferred the Model 3, however, Jack could not afford the Model X so he went with the Tesla Model 3.[184] Jack purchased the Tesla Model 3 on September 10, 2019. He received his Tesla in Late November- Early December. He changed his mind about the Tesla Model X due to the vertical screen.
  • He used to own a goat named Sparkles.[185] Sparkles was able to cross the road while she looked both ways before crossing and was considered talented by Jack.[186]
  • He received a letter and a plaque from Wikitubia Bureaucrat.[187] It was for a challenge that the Twitter account of Wikitubia made to reach 3,000 followers before 2020.[188]
  • He did a video on the YouTuber Jon Joe's Fast Facts after fans of Jack reported ads linking to his video on Jack while watching Jack's video.[189] Jon Joe replied to Jack on Twitter.[190]
  • His name has been misspelt on many occasions. Notably, on an Urban Dictionary page, being misspelt to 'Jack Masey Walsh' and in the description of Jon Joe's previously mentioned ad, where Massey was misspelt to Messey.
  • He beat JeromeASF in a Minecraft duel on a server while recording by tricking him into a screenshot and then punching him off.[192]
  • He had a pet hen called "King Harold". Even though Jack named the chicken with the word king even though King Harold is a hen.[193]
  • He was banned on Hypixel for joining for a few seconds on a hacked client which was made purposely for him[194]. His ban has expired on March 6. He lost his YouTube rank for 6 months on Hypixel too. Previously, Jack has joined Hypixel twice with a hacked client.
  • He uses Windows 10 for recording videos as evidenced by his program is not responding errors which looks like Windows 10 when playing Minecraft on JackSucksAtStuff.[195]
  • He does not consider T-Series as a YouTuber and considers PewDiePie the most subscribed YouTuber along with going over Bitch Lasagna's and PewDiePie's oldest video first comment. This may be considered controversial since there are YouTubers that are structurally like an organization but are seemly run by a YouTuber such as ChannelFrederator's various channels.[196]
  • He used to curse in his videos. However, he criticized his past self for cursing in a video.[197] He has, although, said "shit" and "bastard" in recent videos.
  • He has registered for buying a Tesla Cybertruck.[198] since he thought that the Cybertruck looks cool, etc but he may cancel as he thinks it is useless and might cancel his registration any time or buy it for his Tesla channel, Jack Massey Welsh.
  • The JackSucksAtLife channel was originally called 'JackSucksAtMinecraft'.
  • His current known most-subscribed subscriber is MrBeast as of September 2020.[199]
  • The most different face cams in a video was four.[200]


  • He did not wear trousers in a video as revealed by Kai censoring him while leaving the room[202] with a warning to Kai, and his reason for his clothing choice was due to the high temperature and has apologized in advance to Kai.[203] He also did not wear any underwear in his Eboys audition.
  • Despite an entire video covering the removal of one of his most popular videos, the video can still be viewed in the Wayback Machine[204] and is in the description as an unlisted video.[205]
  • He has about 18 pet fishes[206], but their names are not revealed to the public.
  • His middle name originates from a Massey Ferguson tractor[207][208] as his father was and still is interested in tractors.
  • He is left-handed.[209]
  • He was and still is a musician of very obscure instruments, such as the kazoo, flute (recorder), nose flute, otamatone and the vuvuzela. He probably is talented in more instruments. He usually showcased this talent in old JackSucksAtLife Reddit videos, most notably the kazoo but included his whole repertoire of instruments.
  • He used to have a dog named Zack.[210]
  • He urinated in public as mentioned in a Geoguessr in real life video [211] which is illegal in the UK.[212] Also in the Geoguessr in real life video, Jack went into the Egleton Bird Watching Centre, without a permit.
  • He has encouraged his subscribers to subscribe to Glen’s Freight and Heritage Train Videos to get a play button[213] due to the long channel name, and this lead to Glen having 27 subscribers to over 9 thousand subscribers.[214] He also occasionally encourages people to subscribe to small channels[215] by placing their links in the description.
  • He is a massive Doctor Who fan and has a toy of K-9 (which he loves), some Captain Jack Harkness action figures, a few posters, and even a prop from Doctor Who Series 1 Episode 7 "The Long Game".
  • One of his channels, Don't Subscribe, has hit 1,000,000 Subscribers on 8/08/21 [216]

Subscriber milestones

Note: The following dates are according to Social Blade. Dates may vary by one or two days due to differences in time zones.


  • 1,000 subscribers: June 7, 2013[217]
  • 2,000 subscribers: July 8, 2013[218]
  • 10,000 subscribers: September 11, 2013[219]
  • 50,000 subscribers: March 13, 2014[220]
  • 100,000 subscribers: August 16, 2014[221]
  • 200,000 subscribers: January 2, 2017
  • 300,000 subscribers: December 27, 2017[222]
  • 400,000 subscribers: May 1, 2018[223]
  • 500,000 subscribers: October 2, 2018[224]
  • 1 million subscribers: October 23, 2019[225]
  • 2 million subscribers: January 10, 2022[226]

Don't Subscribe

  • 100,000 subscribers: September 3, 2020
  • 200,000 subscribers: September 4, 2020[227]
  • 300,000 subscribers: September 5, 2020[228][229]
  • 400,000 subscribers: September 10, 2020[230]
  • 500,000 subscribers: October 3, 2020[231]
  • 600,000 subscribers: November 12, 2020
  • 700,000 subscribers: January 17, 2021[232][233]
  • 800,000 subscribers: March 27, 2021[234]
  • 900,000 subscribers: May 24, 2021[235]
  • 1 million subscribers: August 6, 2021[236]


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  82. Comment from Malcom Locutor: "¡Gracias por la oportunidad, Jack! Es un honor ser tu voz en español." English Translation: "Thank your for the opportunity, Jack! It is an honour to be your voice in Spanish."
  135. "So I made them an offer for $400, and, because they're in America, I also had like $200 worth of import charges on top of that. So that was a good offer! They eventually accepted that offer, and, a month later, here we are!"
  136. "Now, [...] at first, it looks like a regular old 2018-onward Silver Play Button, however, if we scroll through the various photos, we discover something interesting. It's hard to see, but, on this silver play button, it says 'For passing 1,000,000 subscribers', and we all know that you get a Silver Play Button for passing 100,000 subscribers, not one million. So, that is the misprints that they are talking about."
  137. "However, there's still something weird about this, because that is not what a 2018-onward Silver Play Button looks like! Look at the centerpiece! And now look at mine. It's different, isn't it?! And, in actual fact, that silver play button centerpiece right there looks more like the centerpiece that you would expect to see on a 2016-onward Silver Play Button."
  138. "Out of interest quickly, how does it compare to [a real 2016-2018 Silver Play Button]? Right, they're definitely different. [...] [The real one] is a lot rounder, whereas [the fake one's] basically flat.
  139. "[The box is] slightly smaller... [...] So, if we open them up, this is the the new box. We can see that it is cardboard colour inside, whereas, on my box, it's black inside."
  140. "But you can see there's some screws up here [on a real 2018-onwards Silver Play Button] that aren't on this [fake] version."
  141. "All right, here we go. Okay, this is it. As soon as this [screw] is removed, the centerpiece should just nicely fall off. And, if there is nothing reminiscent of this backplate [on a real 2018-onwards Silver Play Button] underneath, then we have officially just been scammed. Okay, I'm gonna spin it over, it should fall off, and... we've definitely been scammed. That's just a literal scam."
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