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Clyde De Vera (Born: September 5, 1998 [Age 21]), better known online as JackersEdit, is a British YouTuber who makes GMV (gaming music videos). The channel centres on marketing and promotions of quality-edited GMV contents. He takes into consideration the footages used, the relevance they have to match the songs and the whole pacing of the story for each music videos, creating original entertainments for the best fans! To this day JackersEdit brings to life unforgettable experiences and shared journeys through an evolutionary GMV genre. Exploring the most versatile and exhilarating songs by talented artists globally, JackersEdit lights the path for listeners and gaming enthusiasts.


JackersEdit was formerly known as MasqueradeJacker from 2012 to 2016, making GMVs (gaming music videos) as a passion. Midway 2017 he changed his title into JackersEdit and created GMVs on a weekly basis with strong desires to grow his channel.

From that point on his channel grew faster, receiving more subscribers and an increase of view rates than the previous years. In August 2018, he invented an online program called "Get Paid & Get Promoted". Through this, he helped smaller channels get the attention that they deserved by sharing their work on his channel, the results were eye-opening. This would eventually change the whole GMV community on YouTube.

However in May 2019, JackersEdit broke YouTube's policy of reused content, losing his YouTube Partnership Program (YPP) and causing his channel to get demonetize. But without giving up, he strategized a way to overcome this, and after a month, he was back in the YPP and was remonetized. Due to similar GMV creators facing the same problem on YouTube, JackersEdit made the choice to share these strategizes out to his competitors, to other GMV creators, so that they too can get remonetized as well.

But in November 2019, JackersEdit got demonetized yet again for reused content. This time, his strategy was to make the difficult choice of shutting down the "Get Paid & Get Promoted" program in February 2020. He is now back in the YPP and is monetized yet again in March 2020.

To this day, JackersEdit is one of the leading GMV channels that inspires thousands of creators in the GMV community of YouTube. In May 2020, he launched a brand new service for GMV editors called "Jacker's GMV Promotions", a successor to the old "Get Paid & Get Promoted" program.

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