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Jackninja5 is an Australian YouTube comedian and social critic who makes comedy videos and YouTube Poops. She often makes videos with a dark sense of humour.


Jackninja5 watched many videos and YouTube Poops throughout the years and finally decided to create a YouTube account in September 2012. She started making videos on September 22. She had been using the Talking Friends apps and Unnecessary Censorship app, and soon he used iMovie to start making YouTube Poop videos with WTLNetwork's swear pack. She is still doing YouTube Poops on a semi-active scale.

In 2013, Jackninja5 made a load of YouTube Poops. However, one got a lot of criticism and was taken off of YouTube. In November, she had internet problems causing her to lose her ability to go on YouTube.

In 2014, she had converted to atheism and in comments, she would usually make fun of religion. She moved on from YouTube later in the year. However, she returned with more YouTube Poop videos months later.


Jackninja5 has been criticised for her profanity, obscenity and had been involved in several comment wars.


  • Jackninja5 is closest friends with Glitchmaster on Discord.
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