James Allsup is a Commentator
James Allsup is a Vlogger
James Allsup is from the United States
James Allsup is male
James Allsup created their account in 2015
All of James Allsup's channels have been removed from YouTube
James Allsup is a Content Creator on YouTube

James Orien Allsup (born: September 7, 1995 (1995-09-07) [age 25]) was an American YouTuber who talks about social issues and politics. His views have been described as far-right and white supremacist. On August 13, 2019, he announced that he is banned from Facebook and Instagram despite not making political posts.

James Allsup went over a video about Hunter Avallone criticizing him about his termination and points of view. This video goes over the idea of internet censorship and used terms about conservationism as seen here.


On August 26, 2019, Allsup's YouTube channel got terminated which followed the terminations on other mainstream social media websites. According to his Subscribe Star page, Allsup said, "I have been totally erased by YouTube and I depend on your support." However, he claims that he will not be stopped in his goals and posted two written statement as seen hereHere is a Web Archive page of the channel, and some of the terminated channel's videos are still able to be seen via this method. Nicholas J Fuentes, his former podcast co-host, spoke about the termination on his termination date. Even though his Minds account has not been terminated, the account does not work since the YouTube embed players are disabled, and he did not post since February 2019.

James is asking all viewers to contact YouTube to reverse the termination since Black Pigeon Speaks's termination was removed, but this has not been done. James did a livestream that is uploaded on Bitchute, and he plans on keeping this video up for future reference. There is now an unofficial reupload channel that features some of Allsup's content called James Allsup Reuploads which has some exclusive content.


  • He has attended the Unite the Right rally and has received criticism for this.
  • Knowing Better and other YouTubers mention the flaws of his views such as his bad argument skills. However, Knowing Better's video that shows James Allsup is controversial by like to dislike ratio and comments section.
  • Some hate watch organizations such as the ADL and SPLC have designated him for promoting hate speech.
  • Some news publications consider him a white supremacist, but Allsup disagrees with them and uses the term American nationalist and other terms to describe his belief. However, these tactics are ineffective.
  • He's suspended from Patreon, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Since September 2019, he was a member of the American Identity Movement, a far right organization, and works for The Right Stuff (TRS), a neo-nazi website.


  • James likes the environment despite having videos about cutting some trees in forest down while supporting responsible forestry, and he does trash cleanups regularly.
  • He ran unopposed in a local election for the local Republican Party, but his voting power was taken away, due to his alleged support for white nationalism.
  • He is a father and has a young daughter.
  • Despite being a conservative, he has criticized Trump as president by not going far enough on issues he supports or just ignoring the problems.
  • According to his website, he was banned from Uber and Lyft despite having a 5 star passenger rating.


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