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Since James Allsup's channel has been deleted, I've decided to reupload his old videos in order to give attention to the important issues he brought to light. Check out and support James Allsup on...

―James Allsup Reuploads's video "THEY WANT ME GONE. I'M FIGHTING BACK."

James Allsup Reuploads reuploads video from James Allsup's videos right after being banned and removed from YouTube. However, there is not the full selection of videos that using the Wayback Machine provides, and most of the reuploaded videos are newer videos.

In addition, there are videos from Bitchute that are reuploaded onto this channel despite being not deleted. There are the same custom icons as the original videos, and there are reuploads of livestreams.

There are some original content of James Allsup making public appearances which are not available to be seen on James Allsup's Bitchute and YouTube accounts before termination. The creator behind the reupload channel wants to support James Allsup which makes sense since the user would not be interested in reuploading content he does not like.

There seems to be no additional commentary inserts in the videos. The videos appeared to be dripped feed to be upload like Wikileaks.

The channel was terminated because YouTube said, "This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy prohibiting hate speech." However, James Allsup said that the original channel got terminated because of the Anti-Defamation League.]

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