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Did you know I'm trilingual?

―James Marriott

James William Marriott[1] (born: July 7, 1997 (1997-07-07) [age 23]) is a Swiss-English YouTuber known for his commentary-based videos. He gives his input on trending events in a comedic, witty fashion. James is a member of the YouTube group the Eboys, along with fellow YouTubers ImAllexx, WillNE, and Memeulous, and also used to host a weekly podcast called The Camp Cast alongside Alex. James currently resides in London, England.


James was born in Switzerland, and has previously lived in Spain and Portugal,[2] but currently lives in London, England. His earliest videos featured acoustic guitar covers and Q&As, before transitioning into the commentary genre where his channel remains today.


  • James is 6'4", and stands two heads taller than Memeulous.
  • James is trilingual and appears to be fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, and English.
  • James studied modern languages in university.
  • He studied at UCL.
  • James occasionally plays FIFA with Alex, and claims to be significantly better at the game.
  • Before James and ImAllexx became friends, James was a large fan of Alex's channel and has admitted to having considered making a fan account based on him.
  • James's favourite Pokèmon is Lapras.
  • His eyes are hazel with gold flecks.
  • He has a cat called Otto.
  • Despite jokingly being labeled a Tory by his friends, due to his posh background, he supported the Liberal Democrats until the 2017 General Election.
  • His video editor is Cynic Snacks

Subscriber Milestones

  • 1 million subscribers: October 28, 2019



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