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Jan Misali did an interview with Wikitubia Staff
Jan Misali is a Reviewer
Jan Misali is from the United States
Jan Misali created their account in 2011
Jan Misali is a member of the LGBTQ+ Community
Jan Misali is a Content Creator on YouTube

Mitchell John "Mitch" Halley[1] (born: 1998 [age 23–24]), better known online as jan Misali (also known as HBMmaster or simply HBM), is an American who creates review videos, thought experiment videos, and other types. He currently resides in Rochester, New York.[2]



The main focus of jan Misali's channel is a series of reviews of constructed languages ("conlangs") known as Conlang Critic. The series spans four seasons of 6 or 12 episodes each, and changed format over time; for much of the series run jan Misali employed a relative rating system for the conlangs, comparing them to prior ones he had reviewed (and later prior ones within certain 'genres', like international auxiliary languages -- auxlangs/interlangs -- or artistic languages / artlangs). A subset of the videos reviewed the several conlangs created by programmer and YouTuber Jack "esperantanaso" Eisenmann, mostly critically; the last such video announced that no more 'Eisenlangs' would be reviewed since the criticism remained largely the same and jan Misali didn't want his audience to conflate critique of a constructed language with critique of a language constructor.

Mathematics and game theory

The most viewed video on the channel is currently his video "hangman is a weird game".[3] jan Misali is one of the most prominent advocates of using a base 6 number system in daily life, as presented in a better way to count.[4] Other maths videos include "a joke about measurement" and "there are 48 regular polyhedra".

Musical compositions and remixes

He occasionally uploads original music, much of which was compiled in their album entertaining sound and others.[5] He remixes and mashes-up rhythm game tunes, and reviews musical culture ("who wrote Caramelldansen?").

Rhythm games and other video games

Jan Misali is a fan of Rhythm Heaven and has several videos about the series. Another video about games and the surrounding cultural history is "the original Mario Bros.".


Mitch Halley is a tokiponist, a seximalist, and a leftist.[6][7][8]


  • In the phonology of the constructed language toki pona, "Mitch Halley" transliterates to "Misali".[9]
  • Mitch is non-binary and uses he/they pronouns. He is also aromantic and asexual.[10]
  • He has autism.[10]