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Jared Dines (born October 6, 1989 (1989-10-06) [age 30]) is an American YouTuber best known for his covers and music-related comedy videos. In addition to his YouTube career, Jared Dines is also a musician. He is the former vocalist for the band Dissimulator, and is formerly the drummer for the band Rest, Repose, and took over on guitar after a lineup change. Though he has recently quit this role because of the band wanting to tour for 4-6 months a year.


He uploads metal covers of non-metal songs, music-related comedy and original videos.

Djent 2017 Incident

In 2017 he was scammed while making a video known as 'Djent 2017', where he commissioned a 17 string guitar from Nicholas Olson of 'Olson Guitarworks', who claims to have built numerous guitars in the past. He paid over $1,200 for the guitar to be made, however he found out that Nicholas had actually ordered it from a Chinese website (which he never named) and it only cost $400 and the photos that Nicholas was sending him of him 'building' the guitar was actually chopped up pieces of a door. Olson Guitarworks has since ceased production and deleted all social media accounts. Jared eventually got his 17 string guitar but posted a video of himself on Twitter and Instagram destroying the guitar.

He eventually went along with his 'Djent 2017' video but changed it to using 17 Guitars.

In 2018, a real Australian guitar company named 'Ormsby Guitars' reached out to Jared and built him a real 18 string guitar for 'Djent 2018' and it was unveiled at NAMM 2018.


  • He is capable of playing several instruments, including vocals, guitar, bass guitar, and drums.
  • He taught himself in production and currently works as an engineer in a recording studio.
  • Dines released his own solo EP called 'The Dark' on September 26, 2016.
  • He is often mistaken as Jarrod Alonge due to their series of videos uploaded onto Dines' channel.
  • His first recording studio was named Joes Studio, after his cat, Joe. 
  • He is most well-known for his video '10 styles of metal' that went viral on several different social media platforms.
  • He is the creator of the teehee meme.
  • He was originally the drummer for his band Rest, Repose but after a few lineup changes after the departure of their bassist Josh, he switched to guitar.
  • In 2018, Jared filled in on guitar for Matt Heafy of Trivium while Matt returned home from tour for the birth of his kids.

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