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Josh Allen (born: August 17, 2000 (2000-08-17) [age 19]), better known online as Jawsh, is an American YouTuber and streamer on Twitch who is known for playing video games like Minecraft or Super Mario 64. In Minecraft, Jawsh is known for playing on the Minecraft server SMPLive formerly and SMPEarth currently with other YouTubers/streamers such as CallMeCarson or jschlatt.


Josh uploads a variety of content on his channel, including many different games he's played and other Twitch highlights at


Josh mostly uploads gaming highlights from his Twitch channel, including Minecraft streams and Super Mario 64 speedruns.


Josh typically streams gaming content, amongst them being the occasional Minecraft stream. He used to collaborate with his friend CallMeCarson on server called SMPLive. He had a reputation on the server for having "haha funny" reactions when he got pranked/killed on the server. Carson and UndrscrMason were typically the ones pranking him.


Josh mainly streams and uploads Super Mario 64 speedruns. He mainly plays in the 16 star category, and his personal best is 19:41. Josh has also dabbled in the 70 star category, but continues today in 16 star.

Other Gaming Videos

Josh makes a variety of gaming content other than Super Mario 64 and Minecraft. He has also played games like Pokemon Platinum and the 2nd iCarly Game. He has also recently started an Animal Crossing: New Horizons series, of which the first video was uploaded on March 26, 2020.

Commentary & Other Videos

Josh has uploaded a few other types of videos, such as him watching Pawn Stars on stream. In fact, his first two videos are CaptainSparklez saying "Subscribe to CallMeCarson" with the second being a thirty three second clip of him flossing.


Josh purely uploads stream highlights from his Twitch channel. He mainly streams Super Mario 64 speedruns. His Twitch About Section reads: "19 year old former Ralphs employee here to play the video games and do the jokes. High school graduate and professional gamer."


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