Jay Exci is a Commentator
Jay Exci is from England
Jay Exci is male
Jay Exci created their account in 2009
Jay Exci is a member of the LGBTQ+ Community
Jay Exci is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Jay Exci is an English commentary channel that goes over various films, such as Mulan and The Rise of Skywalker, TV shows, such as Doctor Who and Steven Universe, and various YouTube channels such as WatchMojo.com and No B.S. However, the reviews on the various YouTube channels tend to be negative, and some of the videos involving giving ideas to the creators of films and YouTubers.

Many of the series are repeated again such as No B.S. being considered negative from Jay's point of view, and there is a mention of Minecraft in a few videos. The oldest series on the channel is called "Everything wrong with: everything wrong with" which is based on CinemaSins's reviews.

The videos have commentary while the videos are playing in the background while other videos show facecam.


Formerly known as CinemaSinsSins or simply SinsSins, Jay comments on videos she thinks are flawed and debunks them. Jay began as CinemaSinsSins, a channel that responded to CinemaSins' "Everything Wrong With [Title]" series in her own "Everything Wrong With Everything Wrong With [Title]" series. Jay maintains that CinemaSins is not satire, or at least not good satire, and is instead just poorly-written. CinemaSinsSins would often cover other channels with the same format as CinemaSins, namely Brooks Show. She also later branched out to doing "Everything Wrong With" responses to videos other than CinemaSins' own "Everything Wrong With" videos, such as "Everything Wrong With Black Panther: An Unbridled Rage".


  • "I win... using my superior facts and logic"
  • "Aaaaaah!"
  • "Finally, acknowledgement."
  • "There's no reason not to farm rhinos"
  • "Can spiders actually do that?"
  • "Hi I'm AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH, from Upculture.mojo"
  • "Before we hop into the video, please remember to subscribe with notifications on, comment blow, pledgine your allegiance, disable your adblocker, support us on Patreon and Scream into the void"


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