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Jay Foreman is an English YouTuber, comedian and musician best known for his humorous educational series, Unfinished London and Map Men, and his musical videos, in which he sings and plays guitar. In June 2019, Jay became engaged to Jade Nagi.

Early Life

Jay Foreman was born to a Jewish family in Stanmore, North London. His brother is Darren Foreman (better known as Beardyman), a British beatboxer, multivocalist, musician and comedian, with whom he sometimes collaborates onstage.

From 1996 to 2003, Foreman was educated at Queen Elizabeth's School, a state grammar school for boys in Chipping Barnet (often abbreviated to 'Barnet') in North West London, followed by the University of York, where he began performing comedy songs on acoustic guitar in 2005.


Foreman was featured as BBC New Talent Pick of the Fringe 2007, won Best Newcomer at the Tuborg Musical Comedy awards 2009 and came third at the Musical Comedy Awards 2010.

In 2009, Foreman contributed jingles to the weekly comedy podcast Answer Me This!, and in 2011 and 2012, supported comedian Dave Gorman on Dave Gorman's Powerpoint Presentation tour. In 2014, he began contributing regular topical comedy songs on Not The One Show, a magazine programme on London Live.

Foreman presented The General Election Xplained, a film sent to every secondary school in the UK in 2010, which won gold at the New York Festival for Best PR Film.

For several years, he has also performed shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, which include Disgusting Songs For Revolting Children (And Other Funny Stories), No More Colours and Mixtape.


Jay joined YouTube on April 4, 2006 but did not upload his first video, "Stealing Food", until June 8, 2008.

Over one year later, he posted his first video in the Unfinished London series, a collection of videos documenting the history and construction of modern-day London. At this time, his uploads were infrequent and consisted of Unfinished London videos and songs he had written and performed, among others.

In mid-2016, he uploaded the first video of his second series, Map Men. This series documents interesting quirks and details about modern-day cartography and geography. It is presented by Jay and Mark Cooper-Jones.

Jay also has a series called Politics Unboringed, in which he explains different aspects of the British government and British politics.

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