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Jacob "Jake" Green (born: November 29, 1995 (1995-11-29) [age 24]), better known online as Jayingee, is an American YouTuber best known for his Roblox videos. He is good friends with fellow YouTuber Flamingo.


Jake started YouTube on March 27, 2017, debuting with "Pokémon Brick Bronze - Gym Leader Ryan (Ground Type)". Before making his channel, he appeared in many of Albert's old videos.

Affiliation with Flamingo

It's well known that Jake and Flamingo were Roblox High School buddies. In 2018, Jake finally met Albert in real life, during a house tour video. Despite all of the shipping, Jake and Albert have remained friends and have openly stated that the shipping of them (called 'Jalbert') makes them equally uncomfortable.


Now that Jake makes his content alone, it's up to him to come up with the jokes and ideas. Currently, his videos have the same flare that Albert's do: tons of humor and one-liners. Due to the adpocolypse, he is usually a child-friendly YouTuber. He is also friends with other Robloxians (some of them who does have a Twitter account), which some of them helps building the place for Jake's videos, and even appearing on the video itself.


  • Jake has dated a girl named Ally. She does his new channel art.
  • Jake has a pop-socket as merch. Link is on his Instagram @Jayingee.
  • Jake is also revealed to live in Ohio.
  • In a video, he jokingly refers his last name to be "NONEOFYOURBUSINESS".[1]
  • He used to be a lifeguard.[2]
  • Jake came up with his username "Jayingee" from his initials, J.G.[3]


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