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Jay Wilkerson, better known online as Jaynautic, is an American YouTuber who mostly specializes in a YouTube Pooping. He started his YouTube career with short animation videos, and comedy sketches with his friends.


Jaynautic posts a wide variety of content on YouTube, mostly changing throughout the history of his channel.


When he first started YouTube, his first videos posted were animation. He has taken them down, and the are unable to be seen by the public. He has revisited the topic about two years after he started his channel, but they got little views, so he abandoned the genre.


Jay has done a few gaming videos on his channel. His first available video on the channel is a Stardew Valley video. It is titled Starde Valley Part 1, but he does not continue the series. Two years later though, he did a Chill Stardew Valley Stream.


During the beginning of Jay's channel, he did many comedy sketches with his friends. The most popular being a video called Boogie Night, which he did in April 2019. He has abandoned the genre of sketch videos around June 2019, and mostly does other short videos.

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