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Jeff Favignano (born July 11, 1983 (1983-07-11) [age 37]) is an American YouTuber who resides in Apopka, Florida, well known for his DOJRP, OCRP, and LSPDFR videos. Jeff announced his departure from Code Zero on the 14th of September 2019 in a tweet. Fun fact - JF is the owner of OCRP. He created it back in 2018 when he decided to leave DOJ in January 2018. 

He started streaming on Twitch on April 1, 2013.


  • "F***ING AI"
  • "You want that Purpskurp or that Hootenanny?"
  • "That'll do it"
  • "That guy was all over da woad!"
  • "Seems legit..."
  • "FUUUU*K (Steve Voice)"
  • "F**kin' Pigs! F**k you! (Steve's Voice)"
  • "Appletiniiiiiiiiiiis"
  • "Offroadin' it!"
  • "Stupid Malacka"
  • "Puttin' ya on the news!" (with a noticeable lisp)
  • "Just look at it!" (with a noticeable lisp)
  • "Ya Jack-A**!" (with a noticeable pause between "Jack" and "A**")
  • "Goodbye, to you!" (to the tune of Michelle Branch's "Goodbye to You")
  • "Well he's dead, that's good"
  • "CHiPs this motherf**ker!"
  • "I'm Optimus Prime!" (in a deep voice)
  • "what the absolute f**k!"
  • "Putting out the caution"
  • "If memory serves me correct"
  • "OOOOOOHHH SH*T!!!!!"


  • Jeff Favignano used to record the following series: CodeZero Patrol (featuring BayAreaBuggs, Polecat324, BlackHallow, and several others), DOJ Cops (an online roleplay community run by director Polecat324), among other games.
  • Today (in 2020) he records - GTA 5, OCRP, American Truck Simulator, X-Plane11, Flashing Lights, Into The Flames, Motovlogs, Train Sim World, Wreckfest, Tower!3D, DCS, Euro Truck Simulator, Tourist Bus Simulator, LSPDFR, and a variety of other games. 
  • He is listed as a driver in the sprint car racing videogame Tony Stewart Sprint Car Racing, in the 305 Sprint Car Series.

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  • 1 million subscribers: June 14, 2019
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