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Jeffrey Dale "Jeff" Favignano (born: July 11, 1983 (1983-07-11) [age 41])[1] is an American YouTuber who resides in St. Louis, Missouri, and is most well known for his DOJRP, OCRP, and LSPDFR videos. Jeff announced his departure from Code Zero on the 14th of September 2019 in a tweet. Fun fact - JF is the owner of OCRP. He created it back in 2018 when he decided to leave DOJ in January 2018. 

He started streaming on Twitch on April 1, 2013.

Code Zero Gaming[]

Jeff Favignano use to be apart of a gaming group called "Code Zero" or "czg" for short. This gaming group had a total of 8 members, Polecat324, TheNorthernAlex, Y0TELEX, frooglesim, Jeff Favignano, SteveTheGamer55, BLacKHaLLoW, and Zach Houseknecht. While we don't know when the official end date of this gaming group was, we can only speculate it started sometime in 2015 and ended in September of 2017, as that was around the time they stopped recording with each other. Before the group came to a end they would record themselves roleplaying in the game GTA 5. They played in a cops-and-robbers roleplay style and was a more laid back non serious experience. Since then, most of the members have parted ways with doing content with each other and some still play together. Bay Area Buggs, Jeff Favignano, and Zach Houseknecht are the remaining previous members that record content with each other.


  • "F***ING AI"
  • "You want that Purpskurp or that Hootenanny?"
  • "That'll do it"
  • "That guy was all over da woad!"
  • "Seems legit..."
  • "FUUUU*K (Steve Voice)"
  • "F**kin' Pigs! F**k you! (Steve's Voice)"
  • "Appletiniiiiiiiiiiis"
  • "Offroadin' it!"
  • "Stupid Malacka"
  • "Puttin' ya on the news!" (with a noticeable lisp)
  • "Just look at it!" (with a noticeable lisp)
  • "Ya Jack-A**!" (with a noticeable pause between "Jack" and "A**")
  • "Goodbye, to you!" (to the tune of Michelle Branch's "Goodbye to You")
  • "Well he's dead, that's good"
  • "CHiPs this motherf**ker!"
  • "I'm Optimus Prime!" (in a deep voice)
  • "what the absolute f**k!"
  • "Putting out the caution"
  • "If memory serves me correct"
  • "OOOOOOHHH SH*T!!!!!"
  • OOOOOOOHHHHHHH THAT WAS AMAZING! SUPERMANNED IT!(with a noticable pause between the super and the manned)
  • Drunk as a f**king skunk
  • Drunkie Skunkie, Drunkie Skunkie


  • Jeff Favignano used to record the following series: CodeZero Patrol (featuring BayAreaBuggs, Polecat324, BlackHallow, and several others), DOJ Cops (an online roleplay community run by director Polecat324), among other games.
  • Today (in 2020) he records - GTA 5, OCRP, American Truck Simulator, X-Plane11, Flashing Lights, Into The Flames, Motovlogs, Train Sim World, Wreckfest, Tower!3D, DCS, Euro Truck Simulator, Tourist Bus Simulator, LSPDFR, and a variety of other games. 
  • He is listed as a driver in the sprint car racing videogame Tony Stewart Sprint Car Racing, in the 305 Sprint Car Series.

Subscriber Milestones[]

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  • 1 million subscribers: June 14, 2019