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Jeff Ford, better known online as Jeffabel and Friends (or simply Jeffabel), is an Australian YouTuber who uploads videos of ludicrous challenges. The videos are fairly short in length. The videos do not have closed captions, and the channel has infrequent community posts. The channel was formerly known as "Children Of Posiedon," consisting of not only Jeffabel but some of his close friends partaking in ridiculous stunts. Known members of the Children of Posiedon were:

  • Danga (Daniel Thomson): Stuntman
  • Jeffabel (Jeff Ford): Stuntman
  • Michael (Michael Erceg): Cameraman

The last video uploaded with a title screen reading "Children Of Poseidon" was uploaded on January 18, 2015. Michael continues to be Jeffabel's cameraman to the present day. Since changing the channel name from Children Of Poseidon, cactus eating has become a common theme. Jeffabel has collaborated with HowToBasic and maxmoefoe on his own and a few of Max's channels. Jeffabel gave an interview to a local magazine in 2018 that can be viewed here.

Jeffabel has two secondary channels. The first is called "Jeffabel and Friends Extras". The channel consists of behind the scenes footage and podcasts. The second is called "JeffabelUnleashed!" which contains more behind the scenes videos. "JeffabelUnleashed!" is not linked to either of his other accounts. Jeffabel's former Twitter account, @JeffabelAU, was suspended by Twitter in mid February. Jeffabel seems to have an active TikTok with full length videos.

The last upload to his main channel was made on December 23rd, 2019, despite the promise of new content and videos being released throughout 2020. His last community post was posted in March of 2020, advertising his TikTok account.

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