Jehramae Trangia is a Musician
Jehramae Trangia is a Vlogger
Jehramae Trangia is from the Philippines
Jehramae Trangia is female
Jehramae Trangia created their account in 2018
Jehramae Trangia is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Jehramae Trangia is a Filipino singer and YouTuber/vlogger from Cebu, Philippines, who does song covers and vlogging.


Jehramae Trangia appeared on Tawag ng Tanghalan's second season in 2017 as a contestant, but she was a contender. In 2019, she auditioned for Idol Philippines, but only to reach its 3rd/2nd round.

Jehramae appears on many of Kuya Bryan's videos and others as she covers some of the songs.

Jehramae later appeared in the second season of Born to Be a Star, a VIVA-produced show aired on TV5, and was hailed as the grand winner of the season.

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