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Jenna Arend (born: February 23, 2000 (2000-02-23) [age 19]), also known as CupcakeCutie170, is a YouTube actress, vlogger, comedian, singer and internet personality. Jenna is known from the all girl YouTube channel SevenSuperGirls, where she made videos every Thursday from 2011 to 2017. Nowadays, she is an Instagram star and posts YouTube videos monthly. 


SevenSuperGirls (June 2011-2017)

Jenna was on SevenSuperGirls from June 30, 2011 (at the time she was eleven years old) to 2017, after growing older and branching off solo. Her family members helped direct her YouTube videos, and she uploaded videos every Thursday for SevenSuperGirls theme every week, whether if its blogging, comedy, acting, pretending, fashion and many more. 

Jenna Arend (2017-present)

Today, about once a month, Jenna uploads a new video to her self-titled YouTube channel, "Jenna Arend."

Personal Life

Jenna and her family live in the Los Angeles area; her family used to help her with her YouTube videos for SevenSuperGirls every Thursday around 12:00 Eastern/9:00 Pacific.

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