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Jesse Gabriel Concepcion (born: November 5, 1999 (1999-11-05) [age 20]), is a YouTuber from Detroit, Michigan. He mainly uploads musical parodies of trending music of today, or other social media personalities music. His most popular parodies include; Jacob Sartorius - Sweatshirt PARODY , Johnny Orlando - Let Go PARODY , and Mark Thomas - Selfie PARODY.

Early YouTube Life

Jesse started making videos when he was 13 years old with one of his friends known as "Dan". He posted his first video on his channel (originally called WolfensProductions) on Febuary 18, 2013 called "WolfensProductions Ep1 Fun With Snow!". Until June 13, 2016 his videos did not gain much traction.

YouTube Success 

Jesse's current success came from his most pouplar parody of Jacob Sartorius song "Sweatshirt" . He continued to make parodies of songs including Mark Thomas's song "Selfie" and Johnny Orlando's song "Let Go" . Sithin a year Jesse has gained over 6300+ subscribers and 215,000+ views.


  • Jesse's "Mark Thomas - 'Selfie' PARODY" was reacted by Mark Thomas in a YouNow broadcast -- Mark "loved it".
  • The voice in Jesse's are sung by Medyoneful Jesse originally sang his parodies but due to hate on his voice he stopped.
  • His YouTube channel was originally called "WolfensProductions".
  • Jesse has over 50+ videos on unlisted, some can be found by old social media posts.
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