Jessii Vee has more than One Million Subscribers
Jessii Vee is a Vlogger
Jessii Vee is from Canada
Jessii Vee is female
Jessii Vee created their account in 2014
Jessii Vee is a Content Creator on YouTube

Jessii Vee is a YouTuber who was born in Ontario, Canada, where she lived with her parents, Gavin and Niki, and her sister Mandi until she moved out a year ago. Her YouTube videos contains videos describing her experiences in school, traveling, relationships and more. Her younger sister Mandi has appeared in her YouTube videos.

Rise To Fame

In 2009, Jessii started her blog on Tumblr with posts mostly about food, ‘Sailor Moon’ and ‘Lord of the Rings’. Within a few years she reached around 30k subscribers. She would often get requests from her followers to join YouTube and come in front of the camera. It took some time to convince her, but she joined YouTube in December 2014. Soon after, her videos went viral and started to trend on the website. A few months later, she had already gained 175k subscribers and was featured on an article on the Brampton Guardian. Starting as a fun activity to spend time, YouTube soon become her career. She created a second YouTube channel called "Vee Vlogs" in July 2015.

Jessii herself, however, was subjected to abuse when she first created her channel and started to post videos. Some of her viewers had posted negative and hurtful comments on her initial videos, which was a setback for the aspiring vlogger. While she has a charming personality for which she is loved by her fans, she has been criticized a number of times for various reasons. Jessii herself sometimes brings up negative comments about her on her videos. In one case, a fan criticized her for $12 tickets for a "Meet and Greet" she organized. However, she claimed that she doesn't earn from such events and that the money goes to rent the venue. Another time she was criticized for monetizing her fame by launching her own merchandise when she had only a few thousand subscribers. Once again, Jessii clarified that she did it following requests from numerous fans. A lot of people often mention that all her stories cannot be "true stories" as she often claims, but according to Jessii, her friends and family watch her videos regularly and would be the first ones to call out lies if she posts them.


  • Her second YouTube channel, a vlog channel called Vee Vlogs, was created in July 2015.
  • Jessii calls her fans The Vee Team
  • She currently has lyme disease.
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