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Jesus Christ is in Wikitubia's Hall of Fame
Jesus Christ has more than One Million Subscribers
Jesus Christ is a Vlogger
Jesus Christ is a Commentator
Jesus Christ is from the United States
Jesus Christ is male
Jesus Christ created their account in 2015
Jesus Christ is a Content Creator on YouTube

Lord Jesus Herbert Christ,[1] also known as SoCalChrist, is an American channel run by a person who is well known for putting in the personality and appearances of Jesus Christ. Most of the videos revolve around Jesus being out in public, making commentary on certain topics, his Fiverr account, etc., and Jesus's voice sounds pretty close to a person who would imagine Jesus to sound and look like. There is even a showing off of wealth which would be an eye-catching topic since this would seem out of the personality of being humble, and there are videos referencing sins. Some of these sins are in videos that mention certain topics, and there are often praying emojis in the titles of the video. There is a mention of his birthday and Christmas being celebrated as one of the earlier videos, and there is a series called The Good News with Jesus which has 4 videos. There is a celebration of 1 million subscribers on the channel, and there is an acceptance of fan-mail which is seen on the about page. There is a former gaming channel called Jesus Plays, but there have not been any uploads.

Jesus is sometimes in other YouTuber's content as inserts, and he appeared in JackSucksAtLife video on troller hackers with a giant Jesus, with even turtle being trolled in the video. Another example is that Jesus appeared in a Knowing Better video on Angels and Demons. He also played on JackSucksAtLife server Skycade and just played things such as PVP.

Jesus is more active on his Fiverr account compared to his YouTube since that is his main source of income.

He is commonly known as J-dawg from JackSucksAtLife's Fiverr videos. Jack himself even said that Jesus was just a random person when he first hired him on fiverr, but now they both have over 1 million subscribers and Jack & him are now great friends.

Subscriber Milestones

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  • 1 million subscribers: February 11, 2019