JibJab is an Animator
JibJab is from the United States
JibJab created their account in 2006
JibJab is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Be Funny

―JibJab's slogan

JibJab is an American digital animation company that is most known on YouTube for their year reviews that ended 2014 and now they primarily focus on eCards which are digital holiday cards that you can edit someone's face into. They are also known for their early political humor such as animations with George W. Bush.

Earlier animations

JibJab was founded in 1999 by Evan and Gregg Spiridellis and started on JibJab.com with earlier animations such as "Capitol III" and "This Land". In 2006 they started uploading to YouTube with their first video being "What we call the News".

Year Reviews

In 2005, JibJab uploaded "2-0-5 - 2005 Year in Review" on their website and started a tradition that lasted until 2014 where they made a tweet saying that the 2014 year review would be the last one until 6 years later, in 2020 they made "JibJab 2020 Year in Review: “2020, You’ve Got to Go”" with plans to make a 2021 Year in Review.


JibJab currently primarily just focuses on eCards on their website and on their YouTube channel.

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