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Jimmy Snow (born: March 5, 1990 (1990-03-05) [age 30]),[1] previously known online as Dear Mr Atheist, and before that as Mr. Atheist, is an American Colorado-based ex-Mormon YouTuber and advoate for the GRSM (Gender, Romantic and Sexual Minorities) community. His content focuses on atheist issues, typically taking the form of response videos to Christian articles, videos, and other media actively promoting hate.

Make America Straight Again Conference

In 2019, the Liberty Baptist Church released videos to YouTube discussing the "Make America Straight Again" conference, an anti-GRSM meeting. Mr. Atheist responded to those videos, which contained the celebration of and advocacy for government-sanctioned capital punishment for homosexual individuals. He accused Liberty Baptist Pastor Father Tommy McMurtry of violating YouTube's Terms of Service agreement, citing the calls for violence upon and death of other human beings as breaches of contract, and therefore the channels and videos should be reported and removed.

This drew criticism from some fans, who viewed Mr. Atheist's calls for these individuals as contrary to the right to free speech granted to Father McMurtry by the United States Constitution. Jimmy argued that this case is different since the Terms of Service of YouTube dictate what can and cannot be said on their platform, and calls to violence violate the TOS.

In response, Pastor Tommy McMurtry released a video about someone trying to take down the videos and channels for hate speech and violence, aggressively called Mr. Atheist "Mr. Pumpkin" to avoid using his real name, giving him that name because pumpkins are "the biggest fruit". Jimmy, took it as a compliment, calling himself "the biggest fruit" and calling himself the Pumpkin King. Soon thereafter, multiple channels kept reposting the MASA conference videos. When the conference happened, the livestream chats were flooded with pumpkin emojis and people calling in to troll these people for their homophobia.

Given how aggressively Tommy McMurtry called Mr. Atheist a pumpkin and how upset the Father seemed, this lead Jimmy to speculate if the Father was or was not sexually attracted to pumpkins, though he let his viewers know that while he does not make the positive assertion, he doesn't really know. Jimmy also has a website, which contains sexualized anthropomorphic pumpkin heads on bodies, though the website is in no way related to the New Independent Fundamental Baptist movement, Liberty Baptist Church, nor to Pastor Tommy McMurtry. It is it's own, distinct, legal identity.

Second Channel

Mr. Atheist has a second channel called Our Slash News where he departs from the atheist-centric content on his main channel and features topics such as politics and environmentalism. This channel used to be called Jimmy Snow - What do You Know, this was changed in early 2020.


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