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Hello my brothers and sisters of the Nerd Nation, I as always am Jim, and I'm here to bring you another review of the (Anime & Manga).

―JimsNerdNation's Intro

Jim, better known online as JimsNerdNation, was an American YouTube anime and manga reviewer, although mainly manga reviewer.


The main feature on his channel is him beginning older manga series and reviewing each chapter from the beginning, such as Naruto, One Piece, among others, to show his own personal first impressions of it, chapter by chapter, as someone who didn't grow up with it. He has also done anime episode reviews as well, but not very often. He has a son, who he has done Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood anime reviews with. He also has a gaming channel, called NerdNationGaming, in which he does gaming related content, and another one called NerdNationTV, in which he does TV episode reviews on.

Good Friends on YouTube

Allegations of Plagiarism

It has been well known for a long time that Jim is an artist who loves to draw. However, back in 2014, some people brought up evidence that he may have actually plagiarised other people's artwork and presented them as his own, turning some of his own friends on YouTube against himself, such as KingofLightning, among others. Jim posted his last video on December 3, 2014, which was his review of the 500th chapter of One Piece. After that, he stopped making videos for an unknown reason. Although many people have said that this is his way of admitting to the plagiarism, he has made very little comments on it. A few months after the video was uploaded he replied to comments of that very video saying that he would love to come back and complete his One Piece journey, but he has yet to do that.

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