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Desmond Anthony Ladonn Brady (born: November 13, 1992 (1992-11-13) [age 31]),[citation needed] better known online as Jinx, is an American former reaction YouTuber, who was one of the first to be able to do the genre full time.[citation needed] He used to run a second channel called Jinx Reload, but after he quit reactions, he started doing videos on Movie Reviews, Snapchat Vlogs, etc. on his main channel, basically moving all of his future second channel videos onto his main channel. He rarely uses Jinx Reload as a second channel now, only now occasionally doing live streams there, but his older original content is currently still there.

He was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but he spent most of his childhood in Gary, Indiana. He currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

On August 25, 2022, he announced he was quitting YouTube.


Content theft[]

In late 2015, Jinx was critized by other large YouTubers, namely PewDiePie, Doctor Ian Mantis Toboggan, I Hate Everything, GradeAUnderA, LeafyIsHere, DramaAlert and jacksfilms[2][3][4] amongst others, for the videos he was using, since they felt he added no creative input to the videos when he was 'reacting' to them. They felt at the time this was a violation of fair use.


  • He was born on Friday the 13th, which is why he chose the name Jinx.
  • He was deployed in Japan as a member of the Air Force.
  • His favorite animal is the tiger.