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Jonathan "Joe" Gran (born: September 29, 1988 (1988-09-29) [age 35]), also known as Ukinojoe or Unklejoe, is an American YouTuber, cartoonist, animator and comedian best known for his nonsensical animations and satirical parodies, including viral cartoons such as Dog of Wisdom, Literally Hitler, Blonic, and We GOTTA Get SPONGEBOB Back.

Joe is also the creator of Great: the show; a variety series of complied short animations created by both himself and collaborators, and Audrey and Victor; a series of short cartoons with the titular brother and sister.


Dog of Wisdom[]

Dog of Wisdom is a short, crude CGI video of a dog on a plane meeting with another dog on a cloud known as "the dog of wisdom". This was a short included in "Great: the show".

The video has garnered over 65 million videos, with the haphazard nature of the video and distinctive gibberish the dogs use spawning multiple parodies, fan art, and mashup remixes, such as the notable The Living Tombstone remixes.


The original video was uploaded on July 23, 2015, originally part of Episode 7 of Great: the show, but was uploaded independently as well. In a span of 4 months, the video garnered more than 3,700,000 views.

The day after it was uploaded, the video was posted in subreddits such as /r/videos, where it gained 217 points (80% upvoted), and /r/nottimanderic, the weird video subreddit, where it gained 493 upvotes, as well as on Facebook by a variety of users. The following day, a Facebook page called "The same video of Dog Of Wisdom every day" was founded and posted the Dog of Wisdom video every day for the following four months; the page acquired over 42,000 followers.

After two months, The Living Tombstone uploaded his Dog of Wisdom BLUE Remix Ft. Joe Gran remix after two months, as well as his "RED" remix the following month after. The videos have since established over 9 million and 4 million views, respectively, and have been reacted to in a reaction series by TheFineBrothers, YouTubers React.

Audrey and Victor[]

Audrey and Victor is a collection of short cartoons that feature its titular characters, who first appeared in January of 2009.

The most consistent aspects are the two characters, and the plot is afterwards nebulous as they've made appearances where they're homeless and grabbing warmth by a fire out of a bin in Naughty and other appearances where they were a stable family in Literally Hitler (though literally Hitler comes to ruin that).


Parody is a seemingly annual ritual ceremony(?) that Joe goes through, in which he uploads 30 shitposts parodying a topic. The series tends to have political and real-world commentary and satire and has been called "Schizophrenic" and "Insane". Joe has stated that Parody is just a "Joke" and should not be taken seriously.

The Parodies tend to make use a wide range of imagery such as bad drawings, fuzzy or echoey voice acting, heavily edited low-quality video of pre-existing footage and in more recent episodes, A.I. Voices and Art.

The first series focused on the series "Rick and Morty" mocking the fandom for their toxic behavior online and in person, and co-creator Justin Roiland for abusing his wife.

Israel Parody focused on the Israel-Palestine conflict, the video's express Anti-Zionist/Pro-Palestinian views, saying Israel “isn’t even a real country” as well as Anti-Capitalist views telling viewers to pirate content and stop supporting Hollywood and creators for their supposed complacency in Israel encroachment and bombing of Palestinian land. In part 20/30 Joe released the names/home addresses and zip codes of people who'd complained about Israel Parody. [1]

Other work[]

Joe provided voice acting for the pilot episode of Vivziepop's indie series Hazbin Hotel, voicing the Egg Bois, the minions of Sir Pentious.

Subscriber milestones[]

  • 1 million subscribers: January 22, 2021


  • He is the brother of cartoonist Meredith Gran who is best known for her webcomic Octopus Pie.[1][2]
  • He is Jewish, as revealed in Israel parody 29/30.[3]