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Howdy y'all! Joe Hills here, recording as I always do in Nashville, Tennessee

―JoeHillsTSD's Intro

Joe Hills (born: July 19, 1986 (1986-07-19) [age 33]) is an American YouTuber known for his Minecraft videos, though he can also be found reciting poetry in the place of midroll ads. These Minecraft videos are primarily on the Hermitcraft server, having joined midway through Season One and continuing to play up until the present, Hermitcraft Season Six.

Personal life

He lives in Nashville, Tennessee. He has a wife and a young daughter named Corrine. He also has an older brother, Sean. [1]


Joe is one of the more easygoing, fatherly hermits on the Hermitcraft server. He's well-literate, caring, and tends to attract a more laid-back, older audience. Often his so-called Minecraft videos turn into full-out philosophy podcasts, where he delves deep into topics like the burning of Notre Dame whilst also placing down blocks for a Nether tunnel. Joe can often be found helping another hermit, reciting poetry, or telling jokes that fly right over our heads.


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  • But that's the Joe Hills difference!
  • You may have noticed that there was no midroll ad on this video...



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