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Joe Hanson, better known online as Joe Goes (or BadgeOfShame), is a comedian, actor, interviewer, and YouTube personality from Los Angeles, California. His channel name, Joe Goes, is named after his featured series, which has also been aired on the now shut down TV station Current TV. Fans of popular YouTube comedian and musician Julian Smith may know Joe the most for his character Randy in Julian's music video for "Eat Randy," where Randy is served as a tasty meal in a fancy restaurant. In Joe's 4th most popular video, he interviews Laina Morris AKA Overly Attached Girlfriend, making her look normal in comparison.


Joe's channel mainly features his original professionally shot series he writes and hosts, called "Joe Goes," where he takes his microphone and travels to various cities, countries, gatherings, and conventions around the world, and interviews anyone and everyone that will let him. Joe's interviewing style is comedic, as he often asks people strange, awkward, and sometimes inappropriate questions. He is known to playfully irritate or flirt with the people he interviews. Every episode of Joe Goes takes place in a different location, where every episode title starts with "Joe Goes to" followed by the featured location spelled in in all caps. Most of his episodes are around 3 to 5 minutes, with the exception of occasional Best Of compilations and extended outtake episodes. Joe almost always smiles and shows a happy attitude on the show, except at the ending montage of each episode where Joe stares expressionless at the camera while standing next to things and people in whatever location he is in at the time. Joe's most famous episode, with over 700,000 views, features his interviews with pornstars at Exxxotica Expo, and his 2nd most viewed video features his interviews at Blizzcon, a convention dedicated to video games produced by Blizzard. Joe has been known to make episodes where he goes to places full of people who are often regarded at laughing stocks, such as a my little pony convention, a huge line of women in line for the new Twilight movie, and The Gathering Of Juggalos. Episodes like those are where Joe's witty remarks and clever comebacks shine the most based on the easy-to-make-fun-of mentality of the people there. In the Juggalo episode, Joe won 1st place in the rap battle contest there, and isn't even a fan of clown rap. Joe is however, a hip-hop fan first and foremost, and his intelligence on the genre shows the most on rap convention episodes. If you name a large convention, he has more than likely been there, trolling the unsuspecting public in the form of unorthodox interviews.

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