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Joe Winko (born: December 5, 1995 (1995-12-05) [age 24]), better known online as Joe Winko, is an American YouTuber, vlogger, creepy-pasta narrator/writer, and amateur horror movie director for YouTube. He is best known for his self-edited version of the famous Ed, Edd, n Eddy theory/creepy-pasta story video. He is also well known for his Sims 2 horror movie machinima making skills and for his distinct red cape and red bandanna look. Although he claims to have been posting videos on YouTube since year 2005, his recent channel winko567 was created in January, 2013.

Personal life

Joe Winko is a native Hawaiian orphan who resides with his adoptive parents in the mid-western region of the United States. It is mentioned numerous times in his Joe Winko Talk videos as well as his Joe Winko Horror Films that he has resided in the Dominican Republic in the past, although he did not originate from there.

Joe Winko also claims to have a mild form of autism which greatly distorts his method of thinking and his perception of life, which also gives him the ability and creativity which he puts into his videos. He is supported greatly by the comments his fans give him. Joe Winko's YouTube channel is also dedicated to his uncle Romario who passed away of brain cancer in 2012.

Horror Movie Directing

Since year 2005, Joe Winko has been creating numerous videos made with various computer games such as The Sims and Grandtheft Auto San Andreas. Every single one of his created videos convey dark story-lines which almost always includes himself as a character in each of them (Knifed, Trick or Treat, Slender Man's Cabin). He deceased uncle, Romario, also appears a character in very few of Joe Winko's machinima films (Knifed 7: Return to Woodscreek, Scare 2, The Car Crash).


  • He has a gaming channel (JoeWinkoGottaPlay2015)
  • He also has a channel (TheWalkingDeadJoeWinko) where he talks about episodes of his favorite TV shows such as The Walking Dead and The MTV Scream Series
  • He is a proud Sagittarius
  • Joe Winko has his own wiki site
  • According to an episode of his Joe Winko Talk seires, Joe Winko also suffers from sleep paralysis on rare occasions.
  • He prefers strawberry ice-cream.


  • What's up people!? Joe Winko here, your favorite Hawaiian man
  • Let's get the party started!
  • Peace out people!


Joe Winko is famous for directing many animated horror films on YouTube

Year Title
2010 Lake PeWalk
2011 Lake PeWalk 2
2011 Knifed
2012 Final Destination Death's Orders
2012 The Pepper Tree
2012 Creeper
2013 Scare
2013 Knifed 5: Knife of Doom
2013 Knifed 6: Clock of Doom
2013 Knifed 7: Return to Woodscreek
2013 Knifed 8: Sail & Stab
2014 Fresh Apple Massacre
2014 Body Count House
2014 Slender Man's Cabin
2015 Scare Town
2016 Carolina Maniacs

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