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John Wayne Airport, Orange County, also known as SNA, is an airport in Orange County, California, USA, and there are frequent shorter videos that are uploaded. The address is in Santa Anna, but it close to Irvine, Costa Mesa, and Newport Beach. Some of these shorter videos talk about dining options at the airport, and there are media references which are uploaded. There are some videos of airplanes landing and leaving the airport, and these videos are less than a minute long. There is a video sent by the federal government such as U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and this is more directed from a general point of view even though international arrivals are not directly mentioned. There are different stores videos which just show the location of the store, and there is some educational related content on the airport such as the history of aviation and power outlets.


There are 22 gates in total. The main passenger terminal, the Thomas F. Riley Terminal, is named for the late county supervisor who lobbied for the airport's expansion in the 1980s. The Thomas F. Riley Terminal is divided into three terminal areas, A, B and C with dedicated commuter gate areas at the North end of Terminal A and South end of Terminal C.

All three terminals, A, B and C, are within the same Thomas F. Riley building and security screened passengers can move "airside" between all terminal areas. Security screening lanes exist in all three terminals adjacent to check in. All security screening areas also have a "fast track" lane for first class and elite frequent fliers along with full TSA Pre Check availability based on TSA defined schedules. Switching between terminals indoors before security "landside" is also possible, the check in counter areas between all three terminals have connecting walkways to allow access between all terminals. Complimentary Wi-Fi is provided in all three terminals.

Terminals A and B

Terminals A and B were built in 1990 to replace the former Eddie Martin Terminal which was closed upon the new terminals' opening. In November 2011, Terminal A added a dedicated commuter gate area, along with refreshed gates, signage and information displays at both Terminals A and B.

Terminals A and B were designed by Gensler & Associates, Leason Pomeroy Associates, and Thompson Consultants International. They contain restaurants, bars and shops, with a themed restaurant located in the air side connecting area of both terminals. In the upper rotunda above the themed restaurant is an American Airlines Admirals Club (operating out of Terminal A) and a United Club (operating out of Terminal B). Terminal A has gates 1–8, and Terminal B has gates 9–15.

Terminal C

Terminal C opened in November 2011 and added seven new gates, a dedicated commuter gate area and new eateries and retail.

Terminal C also provides a U.S. Customs and Border Protection FIS/Federal Inspection Service for international flights that do not have pre-clearance. Two arrival gates feed into the FIS and passengers once cleared exit at the south end of the Terminal C arrivals area. The FIS facility has Global Entry kiosks for registered users to shorten processing time. The FIS facility was designed by Gensler. Terminal C has gates 16–22.

Arrivals level

The Arrivals level is on the lower level of the airport and provides seven baggage claim belts, two in Terminal A, two in Terminal B and three in Terminal C. Baggage Claim 7 is for international arrivals. Immediately outside the baggage claim is the curbside arrivals pickup area. Rental car offices are between Terminal A and B baggage claim areas with most rental agencies on site in the lower levels of the parking facility across the arrivals pickup area between Terminal A and B. Across the roadway from the arrivals pickup area between Terminal A and B is an island for public transportation, including taxis & buses.

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