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Joinen is a Commentator
Joinen plays video games
Joinen is a Reactor
Joinen reads books
Joinen is from Australia
Joinen is male
Joinen created their account in 2012
Joinen is a Content Creator on YouTube

No Moi!


Luke Majoinen (born March 8, 1995 (1995-03-08) [age 27]), better known online as Joinen, is an Australian YouTuber. He often starts his videos with "No moi!" meaning "Well hi!" in Finnish.


Joinen used to cover content related to popular trending YouTube subjects, such as videos by Dhar Mann, Troom Troom, My Story Animated and 5 minute crafts. Sometimes he played unusual and shocking games like the games from, and he also reacts to subreddits on Reddit. He has seen his YouTube channel grow to boast more than 320,000 subscribers. Some of his most popular videos have included "Girls Who 'Aren't Like Other Girls'" and "How YouTube Just EXPOSED Buzzfeed's Secret."

Since January of 2021, Joinen's content has switched for him to do things that he's interested in, such as playing games like "Raft" and "The Sims 4". Joinen has also started streaming mostly on Twitch, as well as his channel name changing to "Joinen Reacts", and making a new "Joinen" channel to be his main one.

He also focuses on Youtubers that plagiarize content from big name YouTubers such as Vid Chronicles and Share My Story, though this is usually out of morbid curiousity.


  • He has a ferret and two cats.
  • He was a theater kid.
  • He is a huge fan of the Moomins.
  • He knows this page exists and has reacted to it.[1]
  • He is of Finnish descent.[2]
  • He is a fan of Jarvis Johnson, and when he appeared in Jarvis' chat, Jarvis recognized him[3].