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Ava Allison (birthday: May 12), formerly known as Glitchy22, is a YouTuber who is known for doing corruptions on Wii and GameCube games using the Dolphin emulator. She also does gaming videos.


Ava started making corruptions of some of her favorite classic games when she began the channel, one of them including Super Mario World. Before, she used a cheat feature within the emulator, but this never worked out too well since, as explained in a Wii and GameCube game corruption tutorial, it took luck to get something out of it. Later on, she found out about Windows Glitch Harvester and has been using that, along with Dolphin Narry's Mod, to create her corruption videos ever since. Her channel got a big increase in subscribers when she uploaded her first Mii Channel corruptions video. The same happened with the sequels. Later on, she announced that he might stop doing the corruption videos, explaining that although her audience enjoys the videos, Ava herself hasn't enjoyed doing them, and mainly because it's what everyone wants her to do. She continues to do these videos, however, but not in large amounts, closer to what she announced.



Ava has been a YouTuber known for making corruption videos on many games for the Nintendo Wii and GameCube with the Dolphin Emulator. Her most popular corruption videos so far have been her Mii Channel corruption videos, which have caused a huge increase on subscribers. She has previously made a tutorial on how to make these corruptions.

Windows Destruction

Ava made videos of her doing anything she could do on a Windows computer to make it stop working completely. The main thing she has done so far was download applications. She used VirtualBox, an application allowing to create and run virtual computers. There have only been two videos of this so far, which those videos were of Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Gaming Videos

From time to time, Ava usually likes to do gaming videos. She also sometimes does these during live streams she does, along with the corruptions she tries to put in as well.

YouTube Poops

Very rarely has Ava uploaded YouTube Poops to her channel. One of her YouTube Poops includes Chadtronic as well.

2nd and 4th Beats swapped

As rarely as her YouTube Poops, Ava also remixes music, swapping the second and fourth beats. She has also used PewDiePie's Bitch Lasanga diss track as a remix.

Q & A

From time to time, Ava would do Q & A videos, answering questions her subscribers had for her. She always announces these upcoming Q & A videos in advance to give people time to ask their question. A day later, she uploads the Q & A video.


Ava has constantly changed her intros for her videos from time to time. Her first video intro was a distorted picture of her face with her clapping and saying, "This is my intro, this is my intro, this is a bad intro," in the background. The intro ended with a small fart sound and her name appearing in Comic Sans.

Ava's second intro was a new picture of her in grayscale and her playing a tone with her instrument. When the playing ended, the intro ended with a split second of loud noise and her name displaying on the screen. This was Ava's previous intro for his channel, though was sometimes replaced it in some videos.

The channel’s third intro is simply a content aware scaled image of herself with the text “Jord Bord” in pink, and one again in Comic Sans. In every video, however, the intro has different audio. This intro was first used in a Super Mario Maker 2 video, and has been the current intro since.

Two of Ava's other intros has replaced her second intro in a few videos. Her first replacement was one someone from social media sent her. A photo of her appearing on screen while the intro's tone was played horribly, and then it just drowned out, the ending became bass boost and Ava'a name on the screen. Her Punch Out corruptions video was the first to have this intro. The second was the same photo in a red tint shaking rapidly around the screen while bass boost played. After some seconds of this, it stops, the photo goes back to normal, and Ava's name appears on the screen, then it goes back to rapidly shaking with bass boost. After 2 seconds, the video starts. Her Donkey Kong Country Returns corruption video was the first video to have this intro. An extra remix of the current intro was made by Ava as well. It only lasted a split second until the video started. However, Mii Channel Corruptions #4 was the only video to show this one.

Live Streams

Rarely, Ava would do live streams on YouTube, though she will first make a video announcing the live stream before streaming. On her live chat, though, everyone spams the chat with any weird memes they can think up of or responses to anything Ava would ask during the stream. Some notable chat messages were users saying they "snort Nutella," or any other related message. She would especially answer to some of the chat messages periodically.

Second Channel

Ava created a second channel in October called Mending Minds, a channel made to spread mental health awareness. She announced that she was working on this channel on her community tab and in her Donkey Kong Country Returns corruptions video. The channel was first made in 2015, but no videos were made in it until 2018.


  • "What the frick?!"
  • "THICK BLUE!" (Mii Channel Corruption videos)
  • "This is my intro, this is my intro, this is a bad intro." (Previous video intro)
  • "It's Mario's alter ego: Big Boy Buff Mario!" (Mario Kart Wii Corruptions #3)
  • "Hey, guys it's your boy, Mega Weeg! Apparently, I'm walking faster than my flashlight because it can walk and that's a thing" (Luigi's Mansion Corruptions #1)
  • "What the frick is this audio??"
  • "We don't need sounds, it's DLC!" (Mario Kart Wii Corruptions #3)


  • Most of Ava's quotes are mainly based off of Vinesauce
  • Ava has previously attempted to run a Discord server but failed, as revealed in one of her Q&A videos
  • All of Ava's intros has her name appearing in it in Comic Sans
  • The entire Mii Channel Corruptions series is Ava's most viewed corruption videos
  • Even though Ava rarely reveals her face in videos, her intros, and her profile picture contain a face reveal.
  • In late 2020, Ava revealed she was trans and would be transitioning into Ava on stream.