Jordie Jordan plays video games
Jordie Jordan is from the United States
Jordie Jordan is male
Jordie Jordan created their account in 2008
Jordie Jordan is a Content Creator on YouTube

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―Jordie Jordan yelling at a stream sniper killing him in Call of Duty: WWII

Jordie McCraty Jordan (born: April 21, 1986 (1986-04-21) [age 35]), better known online as WingsOfRedemption (also known as Richard), is an American Twitch streamer and former Call Of Duty commentator.

He can be considered a pioneer in gaming commentary, and was initially a very popular YouTuber in the Call of Duty scene during the early days of YouTube, even hosting his own podcast with other popular YouTubers. Despite all this, looking back at his videos after his first year on Youtube, he has always been a target of hate by the community due to his mistreatment of his viewers, his problematic opinions on controversial topics, and his overall unlikable, arrogant personality. Eventually, more drama began to be centered around him, leading to him being kicked off his own podcast, and losing many of his subscribers.

Towards 2017 he started mentioning his desire to raise donations for a weight loss surgery. He eventually starting streaming on Twitch and slowly gave up on his YouTube due to it requiring too much effort and him constantly losing subscribers and viewers. His time on Twitch was no different than on YouTube in that he had a constant supply of detractors and negativity surrounding his name. One such characteristic of this negativity being the reputation he'd built up over the years of taking video games too seriously to the point of breaking things and screaming at others. This inability to control himself lead him to becoming the target of intense trolling and even more drama, which boiled over in 2017 when he had a breakdown over his fear of not being able to afford the surgery. This stream sparked his trolling community and sent him into infamy.


Jordie uploaded his first video on October 1st, 2009, which was a Call Of Duty commentary, a relatively new thing at the time. After being shouted out by a popular call of duty commentator, he became very popular, quickly reaching 100,000 subscribers, and was even popular enough to boost other YouTubers to fame.

He soon got a contract with Machinima, even further boosting his success. He would also collaborate with other CoD commentary and YouTubers like WoodysGamertag, and FPSKyle (FPSRussia). Together they launched the PainKiller Already Podcast, which he would host on for many years before eventually being kicked off.

Afterwards he migrated to Twitch in 2016 and began streaming in hopes to supplement his income.


Controversy with ProSyndicate

In 2011, during his appearance on PainKiller Already, ProSyndicate was disrespected by Jordie, Jordie, unprompted, claiming he doesn't think Syndicate is good at Call of Duty as Syndicate specialized in the Zombies gamemode and as such he would be inferior to him at the main Team Deathmatch gamemode. This led to the two being slated to have a Call of Duty 1v1 match, which was to be streamed live on

The stream was highly anticipated and viewed by many. Jordie was initially winning, but began to loose and started getting frustrated. After reaching a point where he knew he has no chance of winning, Jordie smashed his controller and berated his co-hosts. They initially believed he was joking, but he later screamed at them, saying "Why the fuck you stream that shit". Which became a catchphrase to mock him.

After the disastrous match, Jordie tried to bribe Syndicate, where they'd each split the money for another matchup if Syndicate threw the rematch. Syndicate became fed up with Jordie and blocked him, further worsening Jordie's public image.

Though they were both playing under the same set of rules, Jordie still holds a grudge about this match to this day claiming he would have won had WoodysGamertag set the match settings properly (10 min. time limit, and radar always on). Stating that having a time limit and the radar on keeps people from camping, despite the fact that in the footage, you can see Syndicate is not camping but, is in fact running around(not to mention Jordie is notorious for, and takes pride in his camping playstyle).[citation needed]

Controversies with PainKiller Already and falling out

In 2013, FPSKyle arranged a month-long boot camp program for Jordie to help him lose weight where Jordie was offered to stay at Kyle's house. Together they filmed videos of Jordie's weight loss progress. Jordie attempted to leave less than a week into the program but, Kyle was able to convince him to stay. Kyle, PaintballKitty(Kyle's housemate), and Jeremy(Kyle's friend) helped Wings lose about 40 lbs through helping him exercise and cooking all his meals. Despite all this, Jordie gained all that weight back as soon as he got home after the boot camp ended. This could have been a great turning point in Jordie's life but, despite Kyle even rebuilding his shower so Jordie could fit in it, when asked about this period, Jordie is very callous and ungrateful claiming Kyle and Kitty didn't do anything for him despite all the aforementioned favors they did do.

Later that same year, FPSKyle and WoodysGamertag had an idea for a survival trip that they would go on together with Jordie, where they would go to a secluded part of the wilderness with only the most necessary supplies and see how long they could last. Initially, Wings seemed he was built for this, even going as far as to call his co-host Lefty a p*ssy because he said he didn't want to go. Wings made a few videos on his channel of him attempting to display survival skills.

On the day of the trip, Kyle drove 3 hours to the location of the woods, and called up Jordie to ask him if he's on his way, however Jordie backed out at the last minute, and admitted that he wasn't actually showing up after all. Finally fed up with Jordie, he was kicked off the Painkiller Already Podcast permanently.[citation needed]

Decline + migration to Twitch

After being booted from PKA, Jordie would desperately attempt to find success on YouTube by himself, trying anything to recapture his old fame, making videos on any possible topic that he could. He even went as far as to make a commentary video on Christian Weston Chandler in 2014 after Chris pepper sprayed a GameStop employee. But Jordie was still unable to find any success at all by himself. He even tried to start up another podcast co-hosting with Whiteboy7thst, EddyTheChump, and Jiveturkey600. Due to Eddy focusing on more fruitful projects like his film career and Overwatch channel and the other hosts' lack of professionalism in Wings missing shows out of laziness, Whiteboy missing shows due to being drunk or high, and the hosts having terrible communication with each other, the show ended after 89 episodes. In mid 2016, Jordie uploaded a video, in which he tearfully explained that his girlfriend Brandy, who he was dating at the time, had left him, further worsening his depression.

Jordie eventually decided to focus more on Twitch streaming as it required less work. Stating that he could just stream and not have to worry about editing. While this migration did result in more profitable, faster way to make money, it quickly began revealing itself to also be a curse among the blessings. With his inability to edit the content he was putting out, the façade he built as this god-tier Call of Duty player and gaming prodigy came crashing down as people were able to see his real skill level at gaming.

In a 1v1 matchup with one of his viewers in Call of Duty Black Ops 3, he became so angry to the point that he hoped his competitors family died in an automobile wreck, and called him a human piece of shit. He also said this again later on to another viewer, proclaiming that "I hope your parents fucking die and you live the rest of your life without them". All these incidents led to his viewers actively trolling him, with more trolls popping up as the months progressed.[citation needed]

COD WW2 Incident and the start of mass trolling

It all reached a boiling point in 2017, where he had a mental breakdown on stream. During a session of Call of Duty WWII, a troll began stream sniping him, by joining his game, berating him on the mic, shooting at him, and throwing smoke grenades, which prevented him from properly winning the game. He tried appearing offline and leaving the game, but to no avail. His viewers tried to give him advice on how to stop the trolling, but Jordie became fed up with their advice and screamed "LOOK HERE, LOOK LISTEN". The troll persisted throughout the stream, and Jordie, finally had enough, he threw his controller across the room, and put his face against the wall, and then punched a hole in it. He then broke down and started crying, saying that he really wanted the surgery but he might not be able to get it, and screamed that he can't take it anymore.

After this disastrous stream, a YouTube user by the name of sean ranklin uploaded the clip to YouTube, where it went viral, sparking the full scale trolling to begin. Many "highlight channels" began to appear screen capping Jordie's aggression and breakdowns. The trolling worsened and more and more troll channels began popping up on YouTube, destroying Jordie's hope for returning to YouTube.

He decided to go on a Discord call with the troll channels to possibly settle things with them, but it devolved into a disaster, and Jordie threatened one of the trolls by saying that he'll "Shoot your bitchass in the kneecap, incapacitate you, and then I'd beat you with a fucking pistol grip till the teeth fell out your head"

Another YouTuber, Liquid Richard (who's name is based on the joke where people believe Jordie's name is Richard) began using Jordie's Twitch voiceclips to make rap music and albums. The lyrics often contain many popular embarrassing, controversial statements, catchphrases, and moments from Jordie's twitch streams, such as "look here look listen", "real talk" "beat you with a pistol grip", as well as using sound effects of him throwing controllers and his chair squeaking. The lyrics often reference his love of Pepsi and Wendy's Chili.

Overwhelmed by the level of trolling he received, he began taking Lexapro to help him calm down and not breakdown anymore. This prescription did help him stop raging as much but, at the cost of numbing his reactions to anything, effectively zombifying him and even making him sexually impotent. Eventually, after popping the pills for about a year, the mood effects started to wear off and the rage slowly started breaking through again.[citation needed]

The Weight Loss Surgery

Jordie planned to get a gastric sleeve surgery to help him reduce his current weight of 450lbs, and hopefully push him in the direction to losing the weight altogether. He finally got the surgery on June 25th, 2018 in Mexico, and he claimed to have lost over 100 lbs but refused to get on a scale to show proof. With his reputation of evading the truth, it is unknown how much he actually lost. Drama and skepticism still persisted, where viewers believed he lied about getting the surgery at all, prompting Jordie to show pictures of him sitting on the hospital bed in Mexico to prove he got it.

The whole surgery plan was shrouded in controversy as during the fundraising for the surgery, he claimed he was trying to raise enough to have the choice to have it done in Mexico or America, but seemingly was leaning more towards doing it in America. By the time he had gotten the surgery done, it was revealed that he had done it in Mexico which sparked controversy as many believed he got the surgery done in Mexico as it costed a less than a third less than getting it done in America and saw it as him trying to pocket the money. One of his viewers even claimed he reported him to his local ABC Affiliate for scamming, and he was even swatted. The surgery drama further worsened when Jordie bought a 2014 V6 Mustang with some of his donation money.

His actions after the surgery did not help to quell suspicion of his misdeeds as he started spending wildly on toys, gadgets and even new cars.[citation needed]

Post Surgery

Jordie's troll community still persists very strongly to this day, with no visible end in sight. Many claim that the surgery did nothing to help him, and show pictures of before and after that shows he regained seemingly all the weight back, if not more.

In 2020, Jordie got married. Almost instantly people began to accuse him of being neglectful to his wife and supposedly abusive. His wife also was on the receiving end of criticism, when rumors were spread that she was flirting with Jordie's twitch moderators. That same year, his face was sent by trolls to various news outlets, and he was broadcasted as one of the victims in the Beirut explosion, with the name "Bernie Gores" (a racist play on words).

In 2021, Sean Ranklin uploaded a video where Jordie's wife was anxious, and wanted to talk to him about her anxiety over a possibly bad medical test result. Jordie repeatedly told her that he's streaming and that he didn't want to be bothered. She later left the room and began crying loud enough for the stream viewers to hear, Jordie ignored her, and simply responded "Whatever". This stream lead to more backlash and trolling.

Jordie privated all his YouTube videos on July 8, 2020. According to Jordie himself, he did this because of trolls using the footage for more troll content and troll videos, and he previously explained that doing YouTube would be fruitless at this point. However, on July 26, 2021, Jordie made a tweet saying that his Twitch partnership was revoked for Exhibit D of the Content Guidelines, due to trolls mass reporting him. Because he couldn't profit from Twitch anymore, he returned to streaming on Youtube, as well as unprivating most of his videos, though he hasn't uploaded a new video yet, only doing livestreams so far.

On the 18th of August 2021, similar to last year's incident with the Beirut explosion, Jordie's face was used to report that he was a journalist who was killed by the Taliban in Afghanistan after the coup, once again with the name "Bernie Gores".

During that same month a picture of his Penis from around 2013 was leaked on the internet, leading to trolls mocking him on stream. In the stream he bragged about his penis size, comparing it to a water bottle, even asking his wife to tell the trolls that his penis is as big as that large water bottle. His wife did not defend him. The Painkiller already podcast responded to this incident, with FPSKyle giving Jordie's wife harsh criticism, and calling her a bad wife for not defending Jordie.

Sometime beginning in late August of 2021, a troll on Tiktok began to impersonate Jordie, using his name, face and even using official links to his profiles in his bio. This user would then go and harass other users, mainly female, as well as making sexist and pedophilic comments towards them. A woman on twitter (who was unaware of who Jordie was, or the trolling) shared screencaps of the harassment. This resulted in Police showing up to Jordie's house at 3 AM, showing the screencaps of the comments by the troll. An argument between Jordie and the officer ensued, with the officer calling Jordie a liar straight to his face. They almost arrested him and took him to jail before he finally managed to convince them of the truth.

After these events, more and more people outside of the Youtube community started learning about Jordie, accusing him of being a Pedophile. They began sharing clips of him in 2011, when he said it's okay for a 16 year old and a 40 year old to have sex because "a 16 year old can make her own damn decisions", as well as when he said "I'd cut child pornography off around 12". As well as a clip from 2018 where Jordie flirted with two underage girls (aged 16 and 17) in a session of Rainbow Six Siege. More and more videos accused Jordie of pedophilia began popping up, leading him to break down and cry on stream once again.

On September 27, 2021, Jordie, fed up by the recent events and trolling, harassed and slandered a troll channel by the name of Xbottle01. Both Xbottle01 and Jordie Jordan exchanged verbal blows in separate live stream's. Jordie later deleted his live stream to avoid his channel getting reported for a violation of Youtube's terms of service.[citation needed]


  • "Why the fuck you stream that shit!?"
  • "We had a dog named N****r. N****r, fetch my shoes!"
  • "Racists do not bother me."
  • "Gramma I'm working."
  • "LOOK HERE, LOOK LISTEN, appearing offline does not fucking stop it, so stop giving fucking advice you know nothing about!"
  • "Either subscribe, donate, or get the fuck out."
  • "I can't take this shit no more man!"
  • "What are you gonna do to me? Shoot your bitchass in the kneecap that's what I'd do, I'd incapacitate you, then I'd beat you with a fucking pistol grip till the teeth fell out your head, I hate you, I hate you so fucking much."
  • "REAL TALK!"
  • "I did say the age of consent should be 12."
  • "I'm teamkilling you right the fuck now, I don't give a shit, I'm teamkilling you now."
  • "I'm not here to conversate"


  • The rumor/meme of Jordie's name being Richard, originates from an individual named "Richard Jordan" being listed at Jordie's address. Many use this as evidence to suggest his birthname is Richard.
  • Many people also suggest that his father (Who had left the family when Jordie was young) was also named Richard, so Jordie denies being named Richard due to his negative opinion of his biological father.
  • Jordie was swatted by police live on stream during 2018.
  • Jordie once had a dying dog, but did not want to spend the money for euthanasia, so he instead took it to a local swamp and put it down with a rifle instead.
  • Jordie explained that at age 5, he was playing peekaboo with a kitten using a bucket. He was then called in for dinner and forgot about the cat, and did not realize he accidentally suffocated it until many years later.
  • After his girlfriend Brandy broke up with him, many rumors began to be spread that she found a relationship with a black man. Trolls began mocking Jordie with the term "Brandy got blacked."
  • Despite it bringing him to mainstream success, and purchasing nearly every title in the franchise, Jordie claims to hate the Call of Duty series, and wants nothing to do with it. Only playing it strictly for monetary gain.