Josimar Y Su Yambú is a Musician
Josimar Y Su Yambú is from Peru
Josimar Y Su Yambú is male
Josimar Y Su Yambú created their account in 2014
Josimar Y Su Yambú is a Content Creator on YouTube

Josimar Fidel Farfán, better known online as Josimar Y Su Yambú, is a Peruvian orchestra formed in 2011 that ventured into the music industry with the salsa genre. This musical band is led by Josimar Fidel, who is an outstanding musician with several years of experience after having belonged to various groups such as Caribeños de Guadalupe, Mangu, Grupo 5 and La Novel.

Musical genre

Josimar Fidel's career as a singer was strongly influenced by salsa, his style varied over time after belonging to various groups that bet on musical genres such as cumbia, regional music and even bachata.

On this musical foray, the star revealed that cumbia was not to his liking, in fact, he did not even listen to it because he did not feel any connection with that genre and that he did not care.

However, with Josimar and his Yambú, the artist wanted to return to his roots with a genre with which he felt comfortable like salsa, a rhythm that he knows perfectly because it allowed him to demonstrate his talent and it was with which he became known within the local scene.

Family life

Josimar Fidel grew up in a middle class family. The parents of this singer gave him what was necessary to get ahead, so they always wanted Josimar Filder to grow as happy as possible.

On these experiences the singer remembers that: “We lived in Barrios Altos, humble. My dad and my mom did their best to give me the best ”, he also recounted how hard his childhood was:“ We didn't have much, but my parents made us lack nothing, but we were humble. We didn't have the luxuries, none of that. I remember that to buy my clothes for July 28 or Christmas, my dad and mom would get together and give us. With 100 soles we bought everything and went to Gamarra ”.

However, this artist has commented on repeated occasions that his parents always kept faith and unity as bases to get ahead, that is how Josimar Fidel continued his studies and went ahead.

the beginning

Josimar Fidel's taste for music was present from an early age, but his entrance into the world of entertainment was done while in the Peruvian group La Novel. When he was 12 years old he became fully involved in the local artistic environment, after several successes, this singer became part of Group 5, with whom he recorded singles such as "I never thought" and "Impossible to forget you", among others.

After several years in Group 5, Josimar Fidel decided to embark on new paths, so he joined the Mangu band, who were dedicated to salsa music. During one of the presentations made by this group in La Victoria, Lima, Peru, he met Milagros Aliaga, who for many years was his romantic partner and mother of his eldest daughter Jonely.

After forging a musical career, the artist was signed by Caribeños de Guadalupe, thus he became the new vocalist of this group, on this opportunity the artist stated that: “I am happy to belong to a group of transcendence of 'Caribeños'. I come with the batteries charged to offer the best of my singing and above all to join forces with my new colleagues so that our group continues to be number one in the Peruvian cumbia ”.

This musical orchestra, stayed for several weeks in search of a new member, that is how they found Josimar Fidel, so once they finished finalizing details regarding their hiring, they began to work immediately on their next musical themes, reason why they entered the recording studios to release their new repertoire.

Despite the fact that within this musical band he achieved great success, this singer was looking to start his artistic career as a soloist, so he had already been working on that project until he finally managed to launch his own group to the market, to which he put the name of Josimar and his Yambú, in which he returned to his roots with the salsa genre, on this new experience Josimar Fidel pointed out that: “If I left it is because the time has come to make my way in music with my own business. Many proposals came up along the way to continue singing cumbia but to be honest, salsa is my thing ”. In turn, he thanked all the support received from his family and colleagues: “It was a nice experience but now I want to make my way in the genre that I like that is salsa.

Trajectory and legacy

Despite his fears and any questions about the future of this new orchestra, Josimar Fidel maintained that: “I am a young businessman who has learned from the blows this business gives us. I have great investors after this project and soon they will know about the great musicians that my orchestra has. ” So in 2011 this dream materialized, so Josimar and his Yambú prepared for their great debut that took place at the Boom nightclub located in San Juan de Lurigancho, they also performed at Villa María del Triunfo.

In April 2015, Josimar and his Yambú were ready to launch their first EP that was named “A lo perucho”, which featured five singles, among which we can mention “Ya te olvída”, “Niñachay” and "With the same currency." Later, in May of that same year, this orchestra released "Five years of history" from which "Shoot once" and "Tribute to Jackalon" emerged.

After two years, after a series of presentations at festivals and concerts, in March 2017, Josimar y su Yambú released their first record production titled “Salsa perucha” in which their own record label was involved. This album was made up of 15 musical themes, such as "Contigo Peru", "I have felt love", "Bad woman" and "Maria Teresa", among others.

After having achieved great repercussion with his salsa style, Josimar and his Yambú prepared for the second album that was named “Because of someone” released in June 2017. This time, they worked hand in hand with the JJRecords label and Together with them they produced 15 songs such as "Tribute to the Niche Group", "Do not think so important", "I have no money" and "What a surprise".

Such was the success achieved by Josimar and his Yambú, that their music was heard in other countries of the region, especially they began to have a presence in the main radio stations in Colombia, they also began to work in alliances in order to be heard in the entire world, this is how they joined Isidro Infante, who helped them in several of his compositions.

In addition, their music was well received by critics and the public, so they began to have more presence in the different musical events held in Peru, in addition to weekly they managed to perform in more than 18 different places, in which they sought to delight the public with its sauce, style and rhythm.

One of the greatest musical successes for Josimar and his Yambú came with the theme "Because a man does not cry" released in early 2018, composed by the Brazilian musician Roni Dos Teclados. This single managed to position itself at the top of the music charts in Peru, and was also the subject of various versions by the most renowned bands in the country. Even "Because a man does not cry", she caught the attention of La India, who was fascinated by the talent of this orchestra and decided to help them in their musical career recording a song together.

In February 2018, Josimar and his Yambú released a new EP entitled "Stay", a remix version that consisted of five musical themes, among which "Dime que te stays", "La chismosa" and "La doub" stood out. Later that same year, they released another EP "Contigo Peru" came loaded with singles like "Gitana", "I need your love", "It will be" and "You without me".

Subsequently, in March 2018, the third production of this orchestra entitled “Guarachando” came out, which was composed of “De mi enamórate”, “Cambió mi corazón”, “Cobarde” and “Donde está el amor”, among others. Then in September 2018, the song “Como mirarte” remix version was released, which was followed in October of that same year by the song “Con él”, versioned in salsa, which featured Jonathan Moly and Ezio Oliva, the latter The interpreter sang this same song again in a new collaboration that came out in October 2018, which was followed in November by "That female is bad."

As part of a series of presentations, Josimar and his Yambú managed to perform in June 2018 in various parts of the European continent where they carried their entire musical repertoire. In this regard, this singer stated that: “I am very happy to return to Europe. Thank God and the public for the opportunity to continue bringing our music not only to Peruvians residing in the old continent but to foreign audiences. ” Upon arrival in Peru, this musical orchestra prepared to perform at the Lince VIP Kímbara, where they shared the stage with Mangu, A Conquistar and Gaby Zambrano and La Sonerísima.

For Josimar and his Yambú, 2018 was a year of great opportunities, because he was not only involved with director Isidro Infante, who he went to work together on his next productions, part of his words were: “My people! I am in Puerto Rico giving the last details of what will be my new production together with the master Isidro Infante. Proud of the work that is being done, I hope with all my heart that you like it. This is for you and to always leave the name of the perucha sauce on top. Thousands of blessings and thanks for everything. Today he does not sleep.

In the same way, this artist was associated with other music personalities such as Oscar D 'León and Víctor Manuelle, so that his music reached all corners of the planet. Likewise, Josimar and his Yambú were given the opportunity to compose the song that was used by the Peruvian team in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, he was also invited to participate in the HTV Channel Heat Awards, as well as in the ceremony of the Billboard Latin Music Awards, where he entered as Artist of the Year.

On the other hand, this artist had the privilege of being the opening act for singer Romeo Santos, who performed at the National Stadium in November 2018. Before the end of the year, this artist revealed that he is working on an autobiographical mini series that will see light in 2019, which will be available through Netflix. With this fact, Josimar Fidel became the first Peruvian to have a production on this platform. About this mini series, this artist commented that he will follow the same pattern that was made for the productions that related the life of Luis Miguel and Nicky Jam, in which his relatives were part of the recordings.

Personal life

Since 2017, this artist has been married to Gianella Ydoña, who is the love of his life, as this singer has assured him in several interviews. From this union, the first child of the marriage was born, who was named Jostin Gimar, upon the arrival of this new member to his family, Josimar Fidel maintained that: “The arrival of a baby is an illusion not only for me, but for all my family. I feel blessed by all the beautiful things I am experiencing, both personally and professionally. ”

Three months after the birth of Jostin Gimar, the news broke that Gianella was expecting her second child, who according to doctors is female. This information was made public during the christening of the first child of this marriage, in which they were accompanied by the other children of this singer.

For this salsa player, it would be his fourth son, since with his first partner Milagros Aliaga he had his daughter Jonely, from whom he separated due to different circumstances such as those lived after an incident occurred during a live show, where the singer passionately kissed Chiara Bardales, a fact that was witnessed by his daughter, as Milagros claimed during an interview: “My girl saw her dad on television. She thought I was the one with the ampay, but then she realized it and didn't want to see him either. ”

Later this singer was involved with Andrea García, from whom he separated in 2014 and with whom he has a son. This marriage was involved in a great controversy after Andrea García revealed alleged mistreatment suffered at the hands of Josimar Fidel, when she was four months pregnant. Although, it was shown that all the accusations were false, in addition to his Instagram account, this singer expressed his total dedication to his children whom he loves and loves with all his soul, for which he received great support from all his fans.