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Journey to the Microcosmos is an educational YouTube channel produced by Hank Green and James Weiss, with original music by Andrew Huang. They produce videos about microanimals (such as tardigrades), eukaryotes, and prokaryotes. In the videos, they always show the magnification on screen, as different magnifications are best for different organisms.


Journey to the Microcosmos was created on April 10, 2019. The channel was first announced by Hank Green (who narrates the videos) in a video uploaded to Vlogbrothers[1]. In the video, he describes how he reached out to James about starting a new channel, after watching his videos on James' channel, Jam's Germs.[2] He also mentioned plans to follow a family of tardigrades as they develop. Within three weeks of the first video being uploaded, the channel reached 100,000 subscribers[3]. In December 2019, they launched their first piece of merchandise, a Stentor Coeruleus pin[4].


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James and Hank use two microscopes. One of them was "cobbled together from various parts" for just under $200. Since receiving a sponsorship from a microscope company, they also have used a Motic BA310 microscope and a Fujifilm X-T3 camera[5].


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