JschlattLIVE has more than One Million Subscribers
JschlattLIVE creates skits and sketch videos
JschlattLIVE is a Commentator
JschlattLIVE plays video games
JschlattLIVE creates meme videos
JschlattLIVE is from the United States
JschlattLIVE is male
JschlattLIVE created their account in 2013
JschlattLIVE is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Hello, small men, this is Big Guy here!


jschlatt (born: 1999 [age 22]), also known as Schlatt, is an American YouTuber and Twitch streamer who makes videos on games such as Minecraft, Cities: Skylines, various Wii games, and others. He is also known for being a member of the now-defunct SMPLive, a streamer-only Minecraft server started by CallMeCarson.

He created his channel on July 6, 2013, and uploaded his first video on June 6, 2014, titled "good boy eats food". This video features his pet at the time, a bearded dragon, eating food. He's currently a member of One True King, a gaming organization.

Personal life

He was a computer science and cybersecurity major in his college years before dropping out in September 2019[1] to pursue YouTube. He used to work at a delicatessen.[2] He was an orchestra kid and played the cello.[3]

He formerly lived in Brooklyn, New York City, but moved to Austin, Texas on February 13, 2021.[4][5] He had also planned to move to Los Angeles but decided against it in favor for Texas. In September 2021, Schlatt revealed that he had been kicked out of the house as it was later sold to someone else.

On May 23, 2021, during a livestream, gaming organization One True King based in Austin, Texas, announced that Schlatt joined its content creator roster.[6]


Schlatt started his channel back in 2013, his first upload was on June 5, 2014. It was a video titled ‘Good Boy Eats Food’ . Soon after he'd start uploading MLG and other meme related content. On May 6, 2018, he uploaded A Tribute to Minecraft. Unlike his other videos, a Tribute to Minecraft focused more on emotion rather than comedic value. On March 19, 2019, Schlatt uploaded his last video onto the Jschlatt Main Channel. He focused on streaming and making videos on JschlattLIVE. He recently has started streaming again and has done the biggest MCYT stan Purge on his stream that includes twitch accounts that has the keywords: "Karl Jacobs, NotFound, WasTaken, Innit, etc.".

Video series

A Tribute To

A series of thoughtful retrospectives on Schlatt's favorite pieces of media. There are currently three videos in the series- one on Minecraft, one on Mario Kart, and one on Rollercoaster Tycoon 2. There is an unfinished tribute series on the 1997 Radiohead album "OK Computer", but was abandoned due to copyright strikes and claims from Radiohead's record label group, Beggars.


Schlatt has a series of videos on OpenTTD, a transportation game. However, this series has gone unused for quite some time, possibly due to the rising popularity of his Minecraft videos by comparison.

Video essays

For a brief period, Schlatt made "video essay" styled content. These videos covered a wide range of topics, from the Garfield Gender War to the vastness of space to mechanical keyboards. However, he hasn't made a video essay in a while, so it can be presumed that these are abandoned, for now at least.


Most of the earlier content on Schlatt's main channel are montage parodies that are usually around 30 seconds in length. These include "Elon r u ok" and a series of MLG-themed videos.


On his third channel, theweeklyslap, Schlatt had a series wherein he answered questions in his inbox. He gave advice and shared his own personal anecdotes that relate to the questions he answered as well.

Tier lists

Schlatt has made multiple "tier list"-style streams, in which he reviews multiple pieces of content and then ranks them on a tier list. So far, these include ranking his fans' Minecraft bases, Minecraft parody songs, Minecraft music discs, cereals, and more.

SMPLive Content

Many of his videos are from SMPLive, a streamer-only Minecraft server started by CallMeCarson. He often collaborated with others on the server, such as ConnorEatsPants, to scam others out of their hard-earned money, in exchange for his cryptocurrency, Schlattcoin.

Other Minecraft content

Schlatt also plays Minecraft outside of SMPLive. He participated in Minecraft Mondays, a weekly event for both Minecraft and non-Minecraft YouTubers/Twitch Streamers, where teams of 2 compete for $ 10,000. He won the tournament once with Technoblade carrying him. Much of his Minecraft content is in collaboration with other SMPLive YouTubers, such as Wilbur Soot. Jschlatt is also a part of the Dream SMP along with other popular Twitch Streamers and YouTubers.

Wii games

On the jschlattLIVE channel, Schlatt made videos on an array of Wii games, such as Wii Sports Resort or Cooking Mama.


More recently, Schlatt has played Jackbox with friends. He played the minigames Champ'd Up, Mad Verse City, Patently Stupid, and Talking Points. While playing Champ'd Up, he and his friends made drawings parodying himself. Many of these drawings are contorted and caricaturized versions of Schlatt, with names being comedically changed to Schlagg, Schlutt, Shlatt, and more.


Schlatt is well known for appearing in a variety of videos by different creators. Most notably CallmeCarson, Wilbur Soot, and Tommyinnit (just to name a few). Schlatt was also part of the Lunch Club YouTube Channel, until it went on an indefinite hiatus in 2020. In January 2021, Schlatt revealed that he had cut all ties with Carson due to Carson's ongoing sexual allegations. He stated in a video that he wishes for Carson to seek help. This was seen by many as an act of neutrality and applauded him for being neutral about the whole scandal.

Schlatt also sometimes appears on his friends' streams even though before he himself decided to stop streaming. He has recently started streaming again.


On his channel jschlattLIVE, another running joke by jschlatt involved him posting comedic statements on his Community Tab that were related to his most recent videos. These follow the format "thinking about ____." Some examples include:

  • "thinking about волк again. cant stop thinking about him"
  • "thinking about утка"
  • "thinking about pressing the button"
  • "thinking about the rabbids"
  • "thinking about fresh mozzarella"
  • "thinking about nothing. head empty"
  • "thinking about matt"
  • "thinking about money"
  • "thinking about heart transplants"
  • "thinking about the queen of england"
  • "thinking about the bite of '87"
  • "thinking about hellen keller"
  • "thinking about becoming a father"
  • "thinking about going fishing with my son"
  • "thinking about anderson cooper"
  • "thinking about kim"
  • "thinking about getting a new keyboard"
  • "thinking about hiring a personal trainer"
  • "thinking about bonnie, or chica, or whatever her name is"
  • "thinking about holding the wiimote properly"
  • "thinking about phone guy"
  • "thinking about mr hands"
  • "thinking about how much i hate chess"
  • "thinking about trying harder"
  • "thinking about getting a girlfriend"
  • "thinking about getting a boyfriend"
  • "thinking about 1 million subscribers"
  • "thinking about genghis khan"
  • "thinking about wheels"
  • "thinking about going to therapy"


jschlatt has a running joke of fake names by saying the phrase "You know what they call me? They call me ____." Aside from this, his friends and his fanbase have also given him other nicknames. Some of these include the following:

  • The Addict
  • Alinity
  • Angrier White Man
  • Amazon Prime
  • AntVenom
  • Bear Schlrills
  • Beyblade
  • Big Balls of Fury
  • Big Guy
  • Bigfoot Schlatt
  • Bird Man
  • Bladez
  • The Blade Runner
  • British Schlatt
  • Build Boy
  • Bulby
  • The Button Man
  • Champion of Slavery
  • Cheeseburger
  • Canadian Schlagg
  • Cricket Boy
  • Dan Schneider
  • Darth Schlagg
  • Dennis Rodman
  • Doctor Shakey Jones
  • Double Time
  • The Dropper Dude
  • Eagle Eyes
  • El Presidente
  • Elon Musk
  • Elton John
  • Fifty Nic
  • The Fisherman
  • Fitz
  • Floyd Mayweather
  • Foot Man
  • Freddy
  • Fragrance Man
  • Fruit Ninja
  • Gayass
  • God
  • God Of Wii Dancing
  • God Of Wii Fit
  • God Of Wii Sports
  • The Hole In One Man
  • Hook, Line, and Sinker
  • The Hook Man
  • The Human Hula-Hoop
  • Isaac Newton
  • Inbred Missisippi Schlatt
  • Inspector Gadget
  • J-Money
  • J for Joe Rogan Schlatt
  • Jackie Robinson
  • Jebediah Schlatt
  • Jeff Bezos
  • Jesus H. Christ
  • JFK
  • John F. Kennedy's Sister
  • Joko
  • Jroll Face
  • Jschlrg
  • Jschwatt
  • Juul Schlatt
  • Jschatt
  • Katniss Everdeen
  • Ladder Man
  • The Lawn Mower
  • Lightning McQueen
  • Lockkkgkggg Schlttrtrarr
  • Logan from Big Time Rush
  • Loud Schlatt
  • Luigi
  • Magic Fingers
  • Maracama
  • Maraca Man
  • Master Oogway
  • Metronome
  • Monitor Man
  • Mr. 8 Ball
  • Mr. Business
  • Mr. Cereal
  • Mr. Cobblestone
  • Mr. Goop
  • Mr. Hands
  • Mr. Knife
  • Mr. Lobotomy
  • Mr. Moustache
  • Mr. Monitor
  • Mr. Rabbid
  • Mr. SMP Live
  • Mr. Tekkit
  • Mr. Windex
  • Nice Catch
  • Nice Catch 2
  • Pablo Picasso
  • Paul Walker
  • The Pacifier starring Vin Diesel
  • The Parkour Prince
  • Plato
  • Power Plant
  • The PVP God
  • Precum
  • Relief
  • Rickety Cricket
  • Scottish Schlagg
  • Schlagg
  • Schlatt Bob
  • Schlakers
  • Schleroin
  • Schlogg
  • Schlogg Deluxe
  • Schloney
  • Schluddle
  • Schlurt
  • Schlutt
  • Schatt
  • Schquidward
  • Shakey Jones
  • Shlab
  • Shler
  • Slurry
  • Sunrise Guy
  • Small Guy
  • Smoke Stack
  • Spitshine
  • Steel Toe
  • Sugarplum
  • Sword Man
  • Swiss Army Knife
  • Titty Schlatt
  • The Bread Boy
  • The Night Owl
  • The Rep Man
  • Tony Hawk
  • Two Piece
  • The Wagecuck
  • Wall Man
  • Warrior
  • Wilbur's Pretty Princess
  • Word Smith

This list is, however, missing a lot of nicknames, especially from his Minecraft Mob Tierlist stream, and possibly in way more of his videos and video appearances.


  • jschlatt often flaunts his firearm, a Glock 17 pistol. Since he seems to have owned the pistol prior to turning 21, it is likely he received it from a family member. He also appears to own a T4E TPM1 .43 caliber training pistol.
  • jschlatt previously claimed he was "Logan from Big Time Rush"; in his face reveal, many have pointed out the uncanny similarity.
  • jschlatt is (presumably) a fan of Sugar Pine 7 and Cow Chop , as he is wearing Sugar Pine 7 merch during his face reveal and has mentioned Cow Chop in a video.
  • jschlatt hates Stal, a music disc (and track) from Minecraft. This hatred of Stal sparked his first rivalry with AntVenom and helped kick off SMPLive. Because of this hatred, it's a popular in-joke among fans to trick him into listening to it. This is seen in the stream where he reviews fans' bases, with many of them featuring Stal at some point to get a reaction.
  • jschlatt usually edits his own videos, however some of his recent videos were edited by Wheatskins (credited in video descriptions)
  • A running joke with jschlatt is that he has strong Republican views on Barack Obama, mainly negative. This running joke on his Twitch/YouTube mainly revolves around Obama's destruction of the American economy and his inability to run the country.
  • Another running joke is that jschlatt is supposedly a devoted Catholic. His favorite Bible verse is Matthew 18:6, 'Causing to Stumble'.
  • jschlatt used to rely heavily on a distortion of his microphone, named 'Funny Mic', for comedic effect, but this has been used far less more recently.
  • jschlatt won Minecraft Mondays Week 6, along with Technoblade.
  • jschlatt has two Youtooz figurines, both styled after his profile picture, one wearing a suit and holding a Schlattcoin, and the other wearing a dress shirt, suit pants, and his signature Timberland boots, sitting in a chair, smoking a cigar, with one foot on a pile of Schlattcoins. Both figurines are currently sold out.
  • In the video " THE GOD OF WII BABYSITTING ", jschlatt hung a plush baby that came with "Babysitting Mama", the game that he was playing.
  • jschlatt was officially elected as the president of Manberg (formerly known as L'Manberg) in the Dream Team SMP Minecraft server after winning the nation's election. jschlatt proceeded to ban WilburSoot and Tommyinnit from the newly named nation Manburg. The nation was later reclaimed after jschlatt's death in the Dream SMP, and it was renamed back to L'Manberg. It was subsequently blown up afterwards.
  • jschlatt adopted a tabby cat while moving to Austin, Texas, and revealed it on trainwrecktv's Scuffed Podcast. His cat's name is Jambo. jschlatt says that he adopted Jambo in Feburary 2021 for free due to it having ringworm and pneumonia.[7]
  • jschlatt wrote Donkey Kong comics based on Donkey Kong Country when he was a kid.[8]
  • jschlatt also had a comic series called "The Life of Justin", which consisted of panels of Justin, his best friend, as a stick figure, dying over and over again.
  • jschlatt pranked Famous Birthdays by claiming his birthday is on September 10, 2001, "one day before the tragedy", and sending an image of the "What's popping" guy.[9] On September 10, 2020, Famous Birthdays sent a Tweet wishing Jschlatt a happy birthday, and Jschlatt responded, "its not my birthday dipshit".[10] Famous Birthdays later removed Jschlatt's profile.
  • Even though Jschlatt lied about his birth date, Mizkif, one of his friends, said Jschlatt is 21.[11]
  • jschlatt is a member of the gaming organization One True King.
  • His Minecraft skin is based off and originally from TomSka and is also personally fan of Tom's sketches and asdfmovie series.[12]

Subscriber milestones

Note: The following dates are according to Social Blade. Dates may vary by one or two days due to differences in time zones.


  • 100,000 subscribers: June 5, 2019[13]
  • 200,000 subscribers: July 23, 2019
  • 300,000 subscribers: August 20, 2019[14]
  • 400,000 subscribers: September 25, 2019
  • 500,000 subscribers: November 26, 2019[15]
  • 600,000 subscribers: March 14, 2020
  • 700,000 subscribers: April 26, 2020
  • 800,000 subscribers: May 23, 2020[16]
  • 900,000 subscribers: July 23, 2020[17]
  • 1 million subscribers: August 23, 2020[18]
  • 2 million subscribers: February 3, 2021[19]
  • 3 million subscribers: November 11, 2021