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Julian Smith (born: May 19, 1987 (1987-05-19) [age 33]), is an American actor, director, and comedian. He has over 1 million subscribers. He gained fans with his hit videos such as "Malk" (three friends who argue over the pronunciation of the word "milk") and "Hot Kool-Aid" (a British man's desperate attempt to get his brother to try his drink) He also has videos that include cameos from other famous YouTube comedians such as Ray William Johnson, Rhett & Link, and iJustine. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, daughter, and 2 cats.


Julian's style of comedy varies from dark and sinister to hyper and overdramatic. Much of his humor is decidedly British, often in the spirit of the Monty Python comedy group (cross-dressing, singing falsetto, abrupt endings to sketches, etc.). He makes many bizarre facial expressions and portrays a variety of characters and emotions in his videos. Other types of videos include the following:

  • Surreal, strange, and sometimes confusing
  • Original music videos that parody rap and other genres of music.
  • Videos featuring his grandma talking in modern video game slang
  • Vlogs and speaking-my-mind videos (i.e. "25 Things I Hate About Facebook")
  • Awkward situations, conversations, etc.
  • Non-comedy drama/mystery videos, often with subtle information that fills in the holes of the plot

All of his videos are clean and family-friendly. Some are a little off-color, but never overboard.

Characters Played by Julian

  • Jeffery Dallas - "Julian's cousin," who seems mentally challenged (later revealed he ate a jellyfish), and makes random music videos (i.e. Jellyfish and Red-Eye Flashing Twice On A Camera). He once sued Julian for putting a "Jelly-fish" T-shirt on his own website without permission.
  • Mr. Timn - A disturbing man with the habit of confronting people outside their windows. In each video, he inevitably gets distracted by some odd faraway event and is seen running into the road where he is killed (though he is apparently immortal as he keeps showing up in later videos). His age and where he comes from is unknown.
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