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Julia "Julie"/ "Julie of the Arts" (born May 14, 2005 (2005-05-14) [age 15]), better known online as Julie of the Arts, makes animated videos for YouTube. She previously referred to her videos as, "several-hundred-pictures-edited-together-to-corresponding-audio-in-a-proceeding-fashion-videos", as she did not used to use animation software. However, she starting calling her videos "animated" upon switching to Adobe Animate CC in February of 2020.


Julie of the Arts used Adobe Illustrator Draw and Filmora when she started her Youtube Career. However, in Feb 2020 she switched to Adobe Animate and uploaded her first video using Animate on Feb 12, 2020. Julie of the Arts now uses Adobe Animate CC 2020 and Filmora 9 to make her videos.

Livestreams & Monetization

She started live streaming more to work towards monetization, and it couldn't have gone better for her. Not only were her streams frequent and long, but also entertaining enough to keep people there for hours, effectively raking in watch hours.

However in recent days she hasn't "Felt like streaming".

Despite surpassing the watch time requirement for YouTube monetization, YouTube denied Julie's monetization because too much of her watch time came from streams. Because of this, Julie of the Arts is not monetized on YouTube.


Julie of the Arts attended Vidcon 2019 and made a 30-minute video that raked in tons of watch hours and pushed her over the edge for being eligible for monetization, but that was a while ago and Julie of the Arts still hasn't heard back from YouTube. She initially planned on attending VidCon U.S. 2020, but due to its cancelation, she has no plans to return anytime in the future.


Alongside her animations, Julie of the Arts will occasionally make a time-lapse drawing video or speed art. She normally does this as a gift to a YouTuber such as Haminations , Infamous Swoosh , or Brody animates on their birthday, but she has recently made a speed art video where she drew fans because she hadn't uploaded for quite a while.


  • Julie of the Arts is allergic to dairy so one of her irl friends called her a vegan as a joke and it spread.
  • Julie's favourite anime is "Erased". In March of 2020, she made a video sharing why she enjoys it so much.
  • Julie of the Arts has a younger sister
  • Julie dyed a small strip of her hair blonde for VidCon 2019, but in the summer on 2020, she decided to dye a lot more of it blonde, and now has her character's iconic swoop in real life as well. 
  • Julie of the Arts is 15 years old, but started her channel shortly after turning 13.
  • Despite her mention of her gluten allergy in her "Allergies" video, Julie actually CAN eat gluten, but in small amounts and must take a pill with it. For some unknown reason, this further convinces people that Julie is a vegan, despite her not being one.


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