Junior Eurovision Song Contest is a Musician
Junior Eurovision Song Contest is from Switzerland
Junior Eurovision Song Contest created their account in 2007
Junior Eurovision Song Contest is a Content Creator on YouTube

Junior Eurovision Song Contest is the official YouTube of the contest of the same name. Official Junior Eurovision content is posted on this channel such as New, Songs and Updates. The contest is held anually in November. The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2019 is set to be held in Gliwice Arena, Gliwice, Poland. 


The first Junior Eurovision was held in 2003 to give kids a chance at singing since you have to be at least 16 to compete in regular Eurovision.



  • Georgia has won the most Junior Eurovision contests, winning three.
  • Wales and Kazakhstan are the only two countries that compete in Junior Eurovision who don't compete in regular Eurovision.
  • Junior Eurovision only lasts a day compared to regular Eurovision which lasts for three because of the sheer amount of countries, to take that in to fact Junior Eurovision 2019 will have 19 countries competing while regular Eurovision 2019 had 41. 
  • Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Malta and Poland are the only 5 countries to have one a Junior Eurovision Title but not a regular one.
  • The age limit for Junior Eurovision is 9 to 14.
  • The 22nd of February 2019 the videos uploaded the date before got their comment section turned off automatically by YouTube and got demonetized due to the policy of not commenting on minors
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