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Kristina Dukić (Born: July 25, 2000 (2000-07-25) [age 19]), better known online as K1KA (formerly Kikax3), is a Serbian gaming YouTuber mainly known for being one of the best CS:GO Players in Serbia. Her most known video is the video where her mother is burning a piece of her hair.


Kika created her YouTube channel on March 2, 2015. She started as a Minecraft lets play channel. When she was starting she had a decent audience, but she didn't constantly upload which made some YouTube criticize her. She then ended up making a video trying to defend her self. After the little beef, her channel kept growing, as she started uploading vlogging videos as-well. She was very shy from showing her face in the start, but she ended up reviewing her-self to the audience.

After some time, she started making GTA 5 videos, which also boosted her channel. She also started recording videos with her own mother, which also became famous. In July 31, 2016, Kika released her most biggest video, of her mum burning a piece of her hair. Kika didn't get harmed by the flame, in fact it was just a funny joke video where the mum and her had happy moments.

As of it's today, Kika is recording videos of reacting to various videos as well of playing CS:GO. Kika became on of the best CS:GO players in Serbia. She has been going to tournaments of CS:GO in Serbia.

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