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Kentrell “Kenny” Beechamm (born: October 4, 1996 (1996-10-04) [age 23]), better known online as KOT4Q (short for King of the 4th Quarter), is an American gaming YouTuber best known for his channel where he posts NBA vlog-style videos and NBA 2K/fantasy basketball gameplays. Some of his popular videos and series include "rebuild challenges" on the NBA 2K video game, and other NBA content like quizzes, and "ranking" videos. His most popular video titled "HARDEST NBA LOGO QUIZ!?!" with about 2M+ views.

Personal Life

Beechamm was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, USA, where he now lives with his girlfriend, Suzy, which he has featured on his social media (Instagram: @kennyhoh_ and @kot4q_yt). All of his videos are filmed in his house/home studio.


  • His favorite NBA team is the Chicago Bulls.
  • His favorite NBA player is Derrick Rose (from the Detroit Pistons)
  • On July 1st, 2018, KOT4Q announced on his YouTube channel that he made a deal with House of Highlights to post his podcast "Through the Wire" on the HOH YouTube channel. The channel has around 750,000 subscribers and each episode receives 50,000 views on average on YouTube. 
  • He owns a shoe collection worth over $15,000, which a portion is visible in the background of most videos. He also did a house tour featuring his shoe collection.
  • A popular example of his rebuilding challenges are where he spins a wheel, and the wheel helps randomly decide what player to add to the roster of what team he's rebuilding on the NBA 2K video game.
  • He has a 2nd channel named KOT4Q Reacts where he reacts to NBA content in typical reaction video style.
  • He has a 3rd channel named Kenny where he makes card collection videos, vlogs, and other videos that are not NBA 2K or reaction videos.
  • He has 2 dogs, Koba, a black-lab mix, and Jax.
  • His favorite movie is "The Shining."
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