Kakke is an Animator
Kakke is an Artist
Kakke is from South Korea
Kakke created their account in 2019
Kakke is a Content Creator on YouTube

kakke (born: May 26, 2005 (2005-05-26) [age 16]), formerly known as Ralrith, is an art and animation YouTube channel. On their channel, they post animated music videos and popular animation memes. Kakke has made several OCs of their own to help fill in the blanks of these videos. Their animation style largely correlates with traditional-Japanese and Korean style animation techniques.

Kakke's longest video as of November 20, 2020, is called "I changed my name because". In said video, they explain why they changed their name from "Ralrith" to "Kakae".

Kakke has never revealed their gender. In their now deleted QnA video, they said that they didn't mind whatever pronouns people used for them. On their Discord server, Kakke has said that they like to be addressed as they/them.

On February 16, 2020, they announced and released a PicCrew (of which they designed on their own) that allowed their fans to create their very own Roblox starters that could support as a profile picture or channel banner. Kakke's reasoning for this was so fans who would not stop asking them to get their Roblox avatars drawn could now design it both easily and efficiently.

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