I am the real Karma Charger!

―Karma Charger

Kevin, better known online as Karma Charger (formerly Healthy Charger), is a gaming channel that explains TF2 Item Workshop videos. On March 18, 2019, Kevin briefly left YouTube because of stress the platform was doing to his social life.

Kevin started making Left 4 Dead videos and random TF2 videos. After a while he joined the Official TF2 Wiki and made some videos with them. Overtime he made his own channel demonstrating workshop items from the TF2 workshop, and garnered quite a following. He privated all his videos and uploaded one last video, a Goodbye video, in March of 2019, but returned soon after with the intent of making YOGA-based videos. Karma, however, soon abandoned this ambition and has returned to TF2 content.


Kevin joined YouTube on April 7, 2012. Kevin started to do Left For Dead 2 videos in the beginning of his channel back in 2012. Since then he joined the Official TF2 Wiki channel to show off two weapons for example:  The Soda Popper and C.A.P.P.E.R. He then started to do a custom weapons channel. He also did normal TF2 videos. 


On March 17, 2019, Karma Charger released his final video, entitled Thank You, Good Bye, and Good Luck. In the video, Karma Charger explained that years of being confined to his own house while making YouTube content had made him feel isolated, and that he'd stop playing with video games and uploading videos, and that he'd also get rid of his computer soon to begin his new life. On the same day, Karma Charger privated all of his videos.

Workshop Items 

Karma made his own workshop items as well. Most famous for the Jack Hammar, which has been accepted into TF2. They day he quit all his fans joined servers, played only as an engineer and used the jackhammer the entire time in dedication to his leaving.

Community Page 

After two days Karma Charger goes on his community to tell his remaining fans his life story. Most of it he thinks is just disgusting things he has done in his life when in actuality their 100% normal.

Old Videos and Reuploads 

So far the only thing official of anything Karma Charger is Karma Charger Plays. Karma's second account which has decent amount of views. The only reupload we have is his Joke Weapon Demonstration: Force Thousand Nature (one of his most popular videos before he privated it). A channel called Karma Charger Archive is now archiving as many videos as he can. On April 18, 2019, the channel was quickly closed by wishes of Karma Charger, urging everyone else to never reupload the videos before the closing ever again and to move on from the departure from his video game past.

Karma Charger Plays 

Karma Charger Plays is a abandoned Second Channel by Kevin that made videos from 2016-2017. There are currently nine videos up on the channel. Three Team Fortress 2 videos and six Left For Dead videos. Karma Charger never mentioned the Second Channel in the goodbye video and message so he must have forgotten about the channel since 2017. The comments on his recent video have been say R.I.P and Goodbye Karma Charger.

Coming Back to Youtube

Karma changed his name to Healthy Charger briefly stating i a now deleted video that he would make a yoga based channel. however he has since changed his name back to karma charger and as of August 2019 is back making Team Fortress 2 videos again.

List of videos

The following is an incomplete list of known videos made by Karma charger, along with mirrors if available. It is based on his Google+ posts, Facebook post and Steam Group announcements.

Name + Link Upload Date Status
Building Demonstration: Repair Node 2014-05-10 Found
Weapon Demonstration: Valve Scattergun 2014-05-16 Found
Weapon Demonstration: Valve Rocket Launcher 2014-05-16 Found
Weapon Demonstration: Valve Flame Thrower 2014-05-16 Found
Weapon Demonstration: Valve Stickybomb Launcher 2014-05-16 Found
Weapon Demonstration: Valve Shotgun 2014-05-16 Found
Weapon Demonstration: Valve Minigun 2014-05-16 Found
Weapon Demonstration: Valve Sniper Rifle 2014-05-16 Found
Weapon Demonstration: Valve Medi Gun 2014-05-16 Found
Weapon Demonstration: Valve Syringe Gun 2014-05-16 Found
Weapon Demonstration: Valve Sniper Rifle 2014-05-16 Found
Weapon Demonstration: Valve Revolver 2014-05-16 Found
Workshop Item Demonstration: Compact Combustor 2014-05-17 Lost
Weapon Demonstration: Nail Gun 2014-05-24 Lost
Workshop Item Demonstration: Shorty 2014-06-02 Lost
Weapon Demonstration: Tranquilizer Gun 2014-06-13 Found
Weapon Demonstration: P.D.Q. 2014-07-01 Found
Workshop Item Demonstration: Deadly Rose 2014-07-01 Lost
Workshop Item Demonstration: G.Ü.P. Gun 2014-07-05 Lost
Workshop Item Demonstration: Trench Buster 2014-07-06 Found
Workshop Item Demonstration: Portable AA cannon 2014-07-08 Found
Workshop Item Demonstration: Mann's Meat 2014-07-10 Found
Workshop Item Demonstration: Overcompensator 2014-07-10 Lost
Workshop Item Demonstration: Efficient Eliminator 2014-07-10 Lost
Workshop Item Demonstration: Ol' Snaggle's Tooth 2014-07-10 Lost
Workshop Item Demonstration: Bursty Betty 2014-07-10 Found
Workshop Item Demonstration: Hightower Hollowpoint 2014-07-11 Found
Workshop Item Demonstration: Road Block 2014-07-11 Lost
Taunt Demonstration: Bieber Results Are In 2014-07-31 Found
Workshop Item Demonstration: Improvised Imblazer 2014-07-31 Lost
Workshop Item Demonstration: Makeshift Mutilator 2014-07-31 Lost
Workshop Item Demonstration: Shredder 2014-08-07 Lost
Custom Weapon Demonstration: Army of One 2014-08-31

Found HD recreation

Workshop Item Demonstration: Didgeri-PEW! 2014-09-07 Lost
Custom Weapon Demonstration: Rebel's Curse 2014-09-13 Lost
Workshop Item Demonstration: Barraviewda 2014-09-16 Lost
Custom Weapon Demonstration: Khopesh Climber 2014-09-21 Found
Custom Weapon Demonstration: Texas Ten-Shot 2014-09-27 Lost
Custom Weapon Demonstration: Ludmila 2014-10-10 Lost
TF2: New Taunts Quick Look (March 12, 2015 Patch) 2015-03-13
31 Bots #1: Third Degree against 31 Medics 2015-06-14
Workshop Item Demonstration: Texas Chainsaw Modification 2015-06-14
31 Bots #2: Righteous Bison against 31 Demoman 2015-06-14
31 Bots #3: Machina against 31 Heavies 2015-06-14
Advanced Weaponiser: Maxine 2015-06-15
Advanced Weaponiser: Shotgun Bride 2015-06-15
Advanced Weaponiser: Scrap Collector 2015-06-15
Advanced Weaponiser: Golden Gun 2015-06-15
Advanced Weaponiser: Plot Hook 2015-06-15
Advanced Weaponiser: Quickie Launcher 2015-06-15
Advanced Weaponiser: Survivalist's Slugger 2015-06-15
Advanced Weaponiser: Matador 2015-06-15
Advanced Weaponiser: Marauders Mace 2015-06-15
Advanced Weaponiser: Old Abe 2015-06-15
Advanced Weaponiser: Firkin Flamer 2015-06-15
Advanced Weaponiser: Chamomile 2015-06-15
31 Bots #4: Pyro airblast against 31 Soldiers 2015-06-28
Advanced Weaponiser: Mini Mann 2015-07-15
Workshop Item Demonstration: Urine Trouble 2015-09-02
Joke Weapon Demonstration: Tool Gun 2015-09-05 Found
Class Demonstration: Random Class 2015-10-21 Found
31 Bots #5: Sapping 124 Engineer Buildings 2015-10-22
Joke Weapon Demonstration: Pocket Aussie 2015-10-28 Found
TF2: Item Drop System in a Nutshell 2016-01-19 Found
It's happening... 2016-04-21
Workshop Item Demonstration: Landsknecht's Long-knife 2016-04-22
Joke Weapon Demonstration: Tool Gun 2.0 (100K Sub Special) 2016-04-23 Lost
Workshop Item Demonstration: Saxton's Spinach 2016-04-27
Joke Class Demonstration: Rooivalk Attack Helicopter 2016-05-05
Workshop Item Demonstration: Tartan Terroriser 2016-05-31
Workshop Building Demonstration: Mini-Dispenser 2016-06-05
Workshop Item Demonstration: Solid Slugger 2016-06-07
Workshop Item Demonstration: Dragon Hunter 2016-06-08
Workshop Item Demonstration: Busted Booster 2016-06-25
Joke Vehicle Demonstration: Lamborghini Gallardo 2016-06-29
Joke Weapon Demonstration: Super Mega Ultra Alpha Valve Rocket Launcher 2016-07-04
Workshop Item Demonstration: Provisioner 2016-07-07
TF2: Meet Your Match Update! (4 New Taunts and More!) 2016-07-09
Workshop Item Demonstration: Hollowpoint Hightower 2.0 2016-07-11
Workshop Item Demonstration: Tossable Teleporter 2016-07-13
Workshop Item Demonstration: Catacomb Cleanser 2016-07-15
Workshop Item Demonstration: Le Fantome 2016-07-18
Channel News: Add Karma Charger As Friend & Play Games With Him! 2016-07-19
Joke Class Demonstration: Panzer IV Short-Barreled 2016-07-30
Joke Weapon Demonstration: Super Mega Ultra Alpha Valve Beggar's Bazooka 2016-08-04
Workshop Item Demonstration: Sub-Sandvich 2016-08-10
Workshop Item Demonstration: Road Block 2.0 2016-08-12
Workshop Item Demonstration: Assault Cannon 2016-08-14
TF2: 31 Bots 2016-08-21
Joke Cosmetic Demonstration: Motherly Father 2016-08-25
Joke Weapon Demonstration: Force-Hundred-Nature 2016-09-01
Workshop Item Demonstration: Ammo Rezerv 2016-09-16
TF2 Transparent Texture Bug (Help) 2016-09-21
x10 Weapon Demonstration: Knife 2016-10-10
x10 Weapon Demonstration: Flame Thrower 2016-10-11
x10 Weapon Demonstration: Syringe Gun 2016-10-12

x10 Weapon Demonstration: Grenade Launcher

Workshop Item Demonstration: Victor-Ion 2016-10-15
x10 Weapon Demonstration: Backburner 2016-10-24
Workshop Item Demonstration: Common Cold 2016-10-25
Channel News: Submit Your "Good" Weapon ideas To Me! 2016-10-26
Workshop Item Demonstration: ARM Core Annihilator 2016-10-26
Joke Weapon Demonstration: Super Mega Ultra Alpha Valve Direct Hit 2016-10-29
Workshop Item Demonstration: Maniac's Maschinenpistole 2016-10-31
Custom Weapon Demonstration: Spy's Rifle 2016-11-02
TF2Data: Custom Weapons Server 2016-11-03
Workshop Item Demonstration: Bigger Stick 2.0 2016-11-06
Workshop Item Demonstration: Grim Charger 2016-11-08
Workshop Item Demonstration: Moppet 2016-11-11
Workshop Item Demonstration: Insanerator 2016-11-13
Workshop Item Demonstration: Iron Cover 2016-11-14
Workshop Item Demonstration: Moon Shot 2016-11-15
Workshop Item Demonstration: Trooper's Trenchbuster 2016-11-17
Workshop Item Demonstration: Barraviewda 2.0 2016-11-19
x10 Weapon Demonstration: Brass Beast 2016-11-21
Lambda Fortress - Part 1 2016-11-22
Lambda Fortress - Part 2 2016-11-23
Lambda Fortress - Part 3 2016-11-24
Lambda Fortress - Part 4 2016-11-24
Workshop Item Demonstration: Cosmic Cuisine 2.0 2016-11-25
Workshop Item Demonstration: Li'l Mate 2.0 2016-11-26
Workshop Item Demonstration: Booster Shot 2.0 2016-11-28
Workshop Item Demonstration: Bulletproof Battery 2016-11-29
Workshop Item Demonstration: Calefactor 2016-11-30
Workshop Item Demonstration: Thunderbuss 2016-12-02
x10 Weapon Demonstration: Panic Attack 2016-12-13
TF2: 31 Bots #2 2016-12-14
Lambda Fortress - Part 5 2016-12-16
Workshop Taunt Demonstration: Smissmas Ride 2016-12-25
Workshop Item Demonstration: Ice-Breaker 2016-12-27
Workshop Item Demonstration: Pick.exe 2016-12-28
Joke Weapon Demonstration: Pocket Spyper-sny 2016-12-30
Joke Weapon Demonstration: Super Mega Ultra Alpha Valve Grenade Launcher 2017-01-02
Workshop Item Demonstration: Track Record 2017-01-06
Workshop Item Demonstration: Iron Boarder 2017-01-14
Joke Weapon Demonstration: Dead Finger 2017-01-16
Lambda Fortress - Part 6 2017-01-18
Workshop Item Demonstration: Crown Crusher 2017-01-19
Joke Weapon Demonstration: Super Mega Ultra Alpha Valve Wrench 2017-01-21
Workshop Item Demonstration: Wee Willy 2017-01-24
Workshop Item Demonstration: ShellShock 2.0 2017-01-25
Workshop Item Demonstration: Sure Shot 2017-02-12
Workshop Item Demonstration: Scrap Sentinel 2017-02-15
Lambda Fortress - Part 7 2017-02-16
Workshop Item Demonstration: SCRVMP-Y 3000 2017-02-17
Workshop Item Demonstration: Circuit Breaker 2017-02-19
Joke Weapon Demonstration: Super Mega Ultra Alpha Valve SMG 2017-02-26
Joke Weapon Demonstration: Force-Thousand-Nature 2017-03-15
Workshop Item Demonstration: Shaitan Truba 2017-03-18
Lambda Fortress - Part 8 2017-03-22
Workshop Item Demonstration: Persistent Persuasion 2017-03-27
Workshop Taunt Demonstration: Jackhammer Rodeo 2017-03-28
Workshop item Demonstration: Soft Blow 2017-04-04
Joke Weapon Demonstration: MeeM-Gun 2017-04-06
Workshop Item Demonstration: Margay Special 2017-04-08
Workshop Item Demonstration: Assassin's Artifact 2017-04-12
Workshop Item Demonstration: Air Lock 2017-04-14
Workshop Item Demonstration: Improvised Imblazer 2.0 2017-04-17
Workshop Item Demonstration: Forest Fire 2017-04-19
Workshop Item Demonstration: Bio Breaker 2017-04-21
Workshop Taunt Demonstration: Button Basher 2017-04-22
Map Showcase: Tr_Karma_Frontline (Demonstration Map) 2017-04-25
Workshop Item Demonstration: Splitfire 2017-04-27
Workshop Item Demonstration: Steadfast Blast 2017-04-29
Workshop Item Demonstration: Teams Reserves 2017-05-03
Joke Taunt Demonstration: Ultimate Insult 2017-05-11
Joke Weapon Demonstration: Heavy Pootis Gun 2017-05-14
Joke Weapon Demonstration: Super Mega Ultra Alpha Valve Stickybomb 2017-05-22
Joke Cosmetic Demonstration: Trader's Final Form 2017-06-20
Joke Weapon Demonstration: Super Mega Ultra Alpha Valve Force-Ten-Nature 2017-07-04
TF2: Undead - Release Trailer 2017-07-09
Joke Weapon Demonstration: Flopassador 2017-07-25
Workshop Item Demonstration: Big Shot 2017-07-28
Workshop Item Demonstration: Eelectric Current 2017-08-08
Workshop Item Demonstration: 50K Volt 2017-08-11
TF2: 31 Bots #3 (Part 1/3) 2017-08-14
Workshop Item Demonstration: Hell Hound 2017-08-19
Workshop Item Demonstration: Elephant's Foot 2017-08-21
Workshop Item Demonstration: Welder's Gun 2017-08-25
Workshop Item Demonstration: Ethereal Extremity 2017-08-28
Workshop Item Demonstration: Hypodermic Injector 2017-08-31
Workshop Item Demonstration: Swifty Swiper 2017-09-02
Joke Weapon Demonstration: Super Mega Ultra Alpha Valve Crusader's Crossbow 2017-09-07
Workshop Item Demonstration: Welrod 2017-09-12
TF2: 31 Bots #3 (Part 2/3) 2017-10-13
Joke Weapon Demonstration: Fry-Ear Pan 2017-10-20
TF2: Jungle Inferno Update (New Weapons and New Taunts Quick Showcase) 2017-10-22
TF2: 31 Bots (Special Edition) 2017-12-02
Workshop Item Demonstration: MannChop 2017-12-12
Workshop Item Demonstration: Tesla Shocker 2.0 2017-12-20
TF2: Smissmas 2017 Update (6 New Taunts Showcase) 2017-12-22
Workshop Item Demonstration: Signal Booster 2017-12-28
Joke Taunt Demonstration: Spy's Sorrow 2017-12-29
TF2: 31 Bots #3 (Part 3/3) 2018-01-15
Workshop Item Demonstration: Pro-Pain 2018-01-24
Workshop Item Demonstration: Corkscrew 2018-02-01
Custom Mod Demonstration: Silly Ragdoll Mods 2018-02-04
Workshop Item Demonstration: Brittle Pistol 2018-02-09
Workshop Item Demonstration: Whiplash 2018-02-12
Workshop Item Demonstration: Treadmill 2018-02-20
Video Editing: ReelSmart Motion Blur (RSMB) 2018-02-22
Joke Weapon Demonstration: Force-Ten-Nature 2015-10-03 Lost
Joke Weapon Demonstration: Pocket Aussie 2015-10-28 Found
Joke Weapon Demonstration: No Random Critical Hits 2015-12-14 Found
Joke Weapon Demonstration: AK-47 2016-01-01 Lost
Joke Weapon Demonstration: Super Mega Ultra Alpha Valve Beggar's Bazooka 2016-08-04 Lost
Joke Weapon Demonstration: Force-Hundred-Nature 2016-09-01 Lost
Super Mega Ultra Alpha Valve Force-Ten-Nature 2017-07-04 Found
Joke Weapon Demonstration: Flopassador 2017-07-25 Lost
Thank You, Good Bye, and Good Luck. 2019-03-17 Available


  • Karma Charger originally did Weapon Demonstrations on the Offical TF2 Wiki channel and Custom Weapons Channel. 
  • The Winglet has made SFM Artwork for Karma Charger on a few occasions. 
  • Karma apparently sold his computer after making the goodbye video. 
  • Karma was briefly known as "Healthy Charger" during the period when he considered uploading Yoga content.
Unnamed (18)

SFM Created by the Winglet but for Karma Charger called the Mann Chop

Smiley Bag.

Annotation photo. Of a smiley bag as the annotation photo in the bottom right. (Karma Chargers channel of course)

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