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Kate, better known online as Kate Yup, is a YouTuber who is perhaps, American or French, infamously known for uploading mukbang videos of herself eating seafood. The icon of the channel is a stock image. Although there was evidence her nationality is French, there is not enough evidence to back that up. Currently, her nationality is unknown; the only known things about her is that she can speak French and English (at a lower level).


Her videos generally consist of her eating seafood. She puts up messages regarding the food being eaten, some of them containing secret messages. Numerous cases and controversies have been formed from the videos. She always eats the food wearing what looks like an eyepatch. However, it was later confirmed that she had a problem of nose deformity, due to which she wears a nose-mask.

She rarely speaks in her videos if not never. While the videos are originally intended to be mere ASMR videos, they provoked lots of other cases. The only thing you will ever hear in her content is her chewing.

Her videos amass lots of views, though most of them get over 1 million.

Conspiracy theories[]

NOTE: All information presented is up to interpretation, and it is not proven any malicious wrongdoing has been happening behind the scenes.

Soon after Kate had started posting videos, they gained attention as she does not show her face in the videos. She uploaded a video of seafood in which she had a deep bruise on her left hand, and a cut on her lip (which she confirmed to be a sunburn and herpes labialis, respectively). This is when viewers started gaining complete attention of conspiracy theorists. Several clues of her being "kidnapped" or "abducted" were brought up. However, Kate denies that either is happening to her.

Even though she claims to be alone, in another video, another voice was heard. The voice said things such as "Fast", "Hurry up", "Just eat", and "I'm gonna kill you". Viewers concluded that she is being forced to eat food. Another video was uploaded in which a message said that "The meat is So delicious, soft and tender", it was noted that three random letters "S-O-S" were capitalized, which again led theorists to a conclusion that she had been abducted, starved and then forced to eat. However, this random capitalization may have been a coincidence, as Kate commonly capitalizes random letters in her messages.

In 4 messages in a different video, their initial letters "H-E-L-P" were capitalized. This was probably not coincidental, and it gained mass attention.

In another video, she randomly started tapping on her glass bowl from which she was eating the seafood. After confirming it as Morse code, it turned out that it said "S-O-S" (・・・ - - - ・・・). However, when people commented on her video about the tapping being morse code, she commented back saying "This isn't even morse code" and several other sentences clearing up that all the theories were false. However, it was noted again that the comment was in third person, i.e., "she" was used instead of "I", which again concluded that it was not her who commented. However, the quote is from a Reddit post, and Kate used quotation marks before and after the comment, which is, in fact, the correct way to use quotation marks. Another video shows her table being shaken, either by her or someone else.

A Reddit theory states that she is a European female UFC fighter named Joanna Jędrzejczyk, which could have led to the wounds. However, while Kate had bruises, Instagram posts from Joanna did not match those of Kate. So the theory quickly declined.

In her final video, she loses a total of 2 teeth; one after eating scallops, and another after biting on a crab's limb. Moreover, in the same video, while eating crab, she says "Oh my god ::: I can die in peace after this bite ;;;", indicating that she may have died/been killed, further supported by her inactivity and mystery. This final video is now privatized in YouTube for unknown reasons.

Kate stopped posting videos on November 10, 2019. Various reports of an American girl being kidnapped arrived, and people would try to link that the girl kidnapped was her. However, Kate Yup started posting one and a half years before the girl was kidnapped, which defies the theory. Till date, Kate Yup's actual identity is still unknown.

Kate uploaded a video on October 7th 2022 posting that she is still alive.